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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. I managed to grab Confetti from Resident! It should be easy enough to get Joni from Rough Trade on Monday.
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  2. RSD gods were in my favour today. Grabbed Honne at Banquet and kept refreshing and just snagged T.a.t.u.
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  3. Also have a UK 200 km/h link if you DM me x
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  4. Y'all are making me nervous about Bengans...
  5. I meant I was having a friend there buy it nn
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  6. Chromatica is still available, so I guess a mass e-mail will be in the works shortly...
  7. Sadly Newbury is already out but I’ll keep checking in the thread.
  8. I'm confused about the Amy Winehouse release. I've seen several people post that they had it, but neither of my stores did and checking the Record Store Day website, it's says it's not out until the next drop? Does it differ per country?
  9. You on the way over

  10. Got Chromatica, the Sweetener live album and thanks to the lovely @irishlamb Confetti will arrive soon.
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  11. I got Amy today, so I guess some releases differ per country. They've told me T.A.T.U has moved to the second drop, at least here (Spain).
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  12. My name… isn’t phallus
  13. The straight presenting men at my store snatching up Chromatica but not realizing the flip value of Ariana or Haim/Taylor. All three gays won
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  14. Chromatica's journey certainly has not continued for me!
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  15. RMK


    Where is Chromatica? *shrieks in gay*
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  16. I find it scary and sad that a Record Store who is selling RSD Exclusives Officially sells Chromatica for 150€ on Discogs.
  17. I may or may not have snatched t.A.T.u. and Ari... I guess I can't really be sure until I get a dispatch email ddd. Also, if anyone knows a store that is still selling Shygirl (ideally EU-based), please let me know!
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  18. Kinda the same about t.A.T.u.
    A danish store had it as sold out on his store but had 3 copies on discogs for 50€ instead of 25€. Sold super quick and then 2 hours later 2 copies were available through the online store but there shipping to Germany wasn’t available.
    Anyways, I got my copy somewhere else then.
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