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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Cigs, Cigs! I got everything on my list! Well, The Matrix OST has been bumped to Drop 2, but I got the Ariana Grande release instead!
    Still not fucking worth the wait, though. I arrive at around 5.15am, the record store opened at 8am, their tick sheets were numbered, me at #46, and I got my records at 12.30pm. Going somewhere else next year, or taking a camping chair like the older guitar straights.

    I've checked all my usual back-ups for stock online, but I can't find Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, or Little Mix anywhere.
  2. Anyone have any luck finding k bye for now stock? Wasn't this meant to get a wider release in the fall or something?
  3. The TATU pressing sounds fucking brilliant.
  4. I can check my local again there were still a few when I went this morning, if you’d like.
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  5. Ooh I cannot wait, such an amazing album.
  6. I'm getting secondhand panic reading the last few pages. I'm so pleased I didn't have that struggle this year!
  7. So I just got an Order confirmation from Bengans. I hope that means I am safe and I really will get my Order.

    and Ari and Gaga are sold out now there too.
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  8. Any help with the ari record would be SO appreciated but hopeful it will get a wider releas
  9. Yeah, if anyone has any t.A.T.u links I would forever be in your debt.

    Managed to bag Republica (Blue) and Perfume Genius.
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  10. They just need to press the other albums now (repress Dangerous and Moving with more than 3 copies). What I wouldn't give for pressings of the original Russian editions.
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  11. Rough Trade NYC has a ton of Ari and Gaga if anyone wants to trade for a Confetti or HAIM

    edit: j267 jumped on it. I love this community
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  12. Driving to Orlando cause I got off work early and I’m stupid.
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  13. Report those straights!
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  14. Got Gaga for a friend and Tune-Yards for myself. Success!
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  16. Well I got fucked. Both my Chromatica orders got cancelled (VPReggae sold their allotment in store and wasn’t meant to go live and The In Groove Records double sold their online amount), so now I’m on the hunt as well.

    Guess I’ll try Rough Trade Monday morning and call around to my local shops tomorrow.
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  18. huehuehUEHUEHUEHUE
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  19. That'd be lovely! Thank you king.
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