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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Gotta say it was odd not having any Madonna or Bowie exclusives this time. I was hoping for Remixed Prayers... maybe next year?
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  2. My experience with them is less than great. I ordered 3 in stock records. Received nothing for a month. Kept chasing with emails and eventually got a response saying he was waiting for them from the supplier. Then when I eventually did get them, one that was meant to be a colour pressing was just a standard black. I think it’s just the one guy running it and the prices are good. But I’d air on the side of caution with it, especially if it seems too good to be true.
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  3. 2 years in a row for Madonna. So odd, I was enjoying those Japanese EPs, I was sure we’d get the rest of them over the next few years.
  4. I order from them 2-3 a year and I did have that problem once (black instead of colour), but it had the colour sticker on it and was sealed so wasn't the What's fault. Returned for a refund just fine. It's basically a dude and his warehouse. They have sales and offers on constantly, so it's worth checking out for filling your collection, rather than finding something limited and rare, though they sometimes have those too. I'm never in a rush to receive a record, just want them packed correctly. And so many places just throw records in any box and I'm aghast even when they arrive in one unwarped piece.
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  5. Apparently Spice Girls - Wannabe 25 will finally go up for pre-order today (14th June, supposedly at 6pm). The artwork is changed compared to the previous mock-up:


    Pre-order is already live on Amazon Canada (Click Here)
  6. I've been waiting on Ctrl from Urban for like 6 months. When can I sue?
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  7. I have another question regarding the evermore vinyl. I ordered it from Taylor’s own US webstore. And it said it would ship around the 28th of May. I haven’t gotten an email telling me whether it’s been dispatched or not. Don’t know how to track it. Is this common with regards to her website? Help a fellow swiftie out!
  8. I’d get on to them ASAP, they won’t do anything about it if it’s been 60 days or more after dispatch. I had a record go missing, waited longer to contact because of COVID and was told they couldn’t do anything for me because it was their policy.
  9. thank you! I re-read the email about the shipping being delayed to around 28th of May and it said they will send out a email with a tracking link once it’s been shipped. But maybe I should just email them to be sure.
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  10. Yeah I would, I didn’t get an email when some of my stuff shipped but I did with others. They’re pretty hit and miss. Wouldn’t hurt shooting off an email just in case. If it’s been over 6 months, PayPal won’t do anything to help if there’s a problem, so best sort it with the store while they’re still willing to help.
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  11. For those who are panicked about not getting Chromatica

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  12. It could just be coincidental or an error on my end, but the Discogs listing for the RSD Chromatica briefly loads and then goes to an error. Is it possible they're trying to combat these prices? Link
  13. They’re talking about the black pressing here. I really doubt we’ll see a repress of the yellow vinyl in the future.
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  14. I hope so. I’ve seen a few discog/eBay pages that belong to actual record stores who have hiked up their prices and are trying to scam. I’ve reported them to RSD with screenshots to get them removed from future sales.
  15. Flippers are bad enough but when the stores start doing it.

    At least have the common sense to have one of your staff do it!
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  16. I find it stupid that they pressed so few but I guess the hype worked. I'm a bit sad I missed out on it, I usually managed to snatch a copy of a RSD fave one way or another before. I'll keep an eye out if the standard makes its way onto Amazon UK or something.
  17. So I guess like 10,200 copies of Chromatica stayed in the US and didn't make it across the ocean?
  18. I feel like Germany got enough supply? I knew 8 people plus me who wanted and we all got some and me and a friend even helped two people out he knows just from Twitter.
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  19. Is anyone else getting a low hum/feedback on Platinum Edition?
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