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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Eh, I think 11k copies is a lot for a title that many in this thread considered a luxury, overpriced item. I think everyone's been taken by surprise with this, the label, the stores, I was shook with how hard it's been to track down a copy.
  2. They made 11,000? Where... are they? dasfsdagsga
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  3. Just popped in to Rough Trade East and they have loads of stock leftover. Quite a few Crooked Machines, Meteoras and No Gods No Masters.
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  4. Bengans’ warehouse
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  6. It appears that my Bengans Chromatica has shipped. Not holding my breath but am very surprised that it wasn’t cancelled.
  7. I do want it. But that price for a maxi-single on a picture disc is really saying ‘you cigs will pay anything’.
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  8. i talked with one of those record stores and he said he just do this because of corona because it’s his way to get more money to pay the bills and don’t have to worry to lose his Buisness.
  9. Girls, about the RSD 2020 Destiny's Child pic disc. Is it rare? Do people go after it? Thinking of buying it if I still find it here just to get some money for future purchases.
  10. So I never got an email notifying me it had been shipped, it just... appeared on my doorstep. Go back to your original order email and click 'check status' because I did that and it said it had been delivered, if it's not on the way then I'd file something.
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  11. Yeah, the RSD account clarified that in a reply as well. I don’t think a lot of people are aware that the black variant is exactly the same sans the actual vinyl color. With the prices it’s being flipped at, it’s really not worth paying that much unless you really care about the vinyl color. But most fans I’ve seen are solely after the bonus zine/packaging, so there’s no point in spending that much when it’s all available with the black edition.
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  12. Jessie Ware?
  13. Similar situation happened to me with her signed evermore CD (I never got a shipping email). If you have an account (I do), you can log in and check your orders and if it says “fulfilled”, there will be a tracking number if they shipped it
  14. Thanks for the info. Don’t have an account though...guess I will have to email them.
  15. Sorry, yes beb.
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  17. K94


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