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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Have to echo the Bengans comments, Ariana arrived today, packaged amazingly! Thank you to those who posted the link.
  2. Noted - thank you!
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  3. Did they say what time the links will go live? I hate to miss out again!
  4. I wish Bey would give us Everything Is Love on wax. I really like the mood and flow of that widely underrated album and the cover art would look gorgeous.

    Same for The Gift by the way.
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  5. Saw this on Instagram. Is it even legal to sell it like that in a record store gghfj?

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  6. That looks like the "limited" wall at Amoeba...
  7. $500?!
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  8. Why not?
  9. Small font numbers clearly mean cents so throw five dollars at the cashier and RUN
  10. Why does it look likes it’s in a cryogenic freezer?
  11. It is.
  12. To represent sky’s career
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  13. So after slowing increasingly my vinyl collection over the past 3 years, I finally upgraded from a Victrola "suitcase" player to a U-turn Orbit basic turntable for my birthday, along with Edifier speakers, and oh my god I am so happy. The clarity and sound is immense it's like listening for the first time (obviously folklore was the first I put on).

    It's nice to actually have bass while listening to vinyl now!
  14. Ready to put the down payment of my house in ten years on my Night Time, My Time vinyl.
  15. I need the debut and Every Open Eye
  16. I don’t have any experience with that player, but if you’re noticing a difference in sound and it’s bringing you joy, I’m happy for you.
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  18. Shouldn't they have some sort of locked display? It takes one unhinged former twink...
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  19. I don't know but I'd love to know how much the Borderline picture disc is selling for!
  20. I mean don’t every record store have a wall like this? Finding a rare gem at bargain prices is impossible now since every store is now savvy enough to check for Discogs highest selling price to price the records they bought from people accordingly. I’m assuming a disillusioned former stan sold that one to them though.
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