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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Gang, is Jessie Ware’s Tough Love Vinyl considered quite, lol, tough to get hold of as I just bought a copy from discogs for £50 because I needed cheering up…
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  2. It's kinda been sticking around the £40 to £60 mark for the last 6 months. Think it'll get repressed eventually like Devotion did, but think that's going rate for now.
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  3. So VV can’t get her vinyls done in time because of material shortage and stuff.
  4. Her pressing slot got moved to later, or they knew it from the start and just announced July to get people interested.
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  5. George Michael 'Older' 25th anniversary info being released Friday allegedly. I *think* it's an assumption because his new store is launching then.
  6. If they change the artwork…
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  8. Picked up Lapsley, Queen Latifah, Nada Surf and Da Brat for just over £50.
    Some bargains to be had if it's stuff you want.

    (Forgot that I did have $15 of store credit too, but still pretty cheap for VMP)
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  9. Don’t put that out in the universe
  10. I mean I did tell her
  11. It’s so wild to me that their 50% off is... $20. I always see that Lapsley for $10 on Amazon ddd.
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  12. HMV have got vinyls of Lorde’s Solar Power up for order, released 20 August.

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  13. Lorde available in white, clear, black, and blue marbled. I'm sure other retailers will follow with theirs throughout the day.
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  14. This is becoming so exhausting...especially from someone selling a "carbon positive boxset"
  15. Brown variant here.
  16. I blinked and the signed vinyl is SOLD OUT??
  17. That deluxe Lorde better be an exclusive run for the £44 I shelled out
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