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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Thanks guys, I think if the scratches weren’t quite deep and visible, I would have automatically taken the L. But I get the impression that they’ve been up front about DWUW as that’s obviously one of the reasons people by this version and could be a real point of contention. Whereas they’ve perhaps tried to gloss over the others. Even though before I’d span it, I thought the scratches were pretty gnarly. As I said, I couldn’t tell you the last time my player has skipped, even on some quite deep marks. I suspect maybe they didn’t fully test the record. I think I will at least mention it to them and see what is said. But like I said, I hate it when this happens too, so I don’t wanna be unreasonable.
  2. When you list on eBay, the description prompt does tell you to describe any faults or markings on the product. As a seller, I’m always careful to note down anything that is visible on the surface of the sleeve or vinyl. If there are noticeable scratches that also affect the music I would send them a picture and ask for a partial refund/to send it back (depending on if you want to keep it).

    I purchased an old Texas album on discogs last year and it was described as VG+. When it arrived it was completely unplayable and looked like someone’s cat has used it as a scratching post. I had to get a refund through PayPal as she refused to acknowledge the problem.
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  3. Like I say, I think it’s totally reasonable to bring it up, particularly if the scratches are visible - it’s more likely they should have seen them. Would understand it being missed if you only heard the issue when playing the record but couldn’t see what was causing it.
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  4. Agree - always describe what is visible. I also note whether I’ve visually inspected the record (so may have missed things that are only audible) or if I’ve play tested it.
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  5. I just sold a record on ebay for the first time. It is sealed / I never opened it which I had in the listing. Should I test it out first prior to shipping, or am I taking a risk not doing so? (I understand selling on ebay is a risk in general and have been burned when selling other items)
  6. I’d clearly state that this is an unopened record and you can’t guarantee for anything. That’s the only option to sell it at best price I said because sealed is highest value isn’t it?
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  7. Yeah if you open it then it technically counts as used.
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  8. Also I have some new vinyls still sealed but thinking of selling them on eBay. So hoping it goes well as my used vinyls being sold on there.
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  9. Park Hye Jin’s debut.

    Signed blue copies on recordstore, also available on pink marble, or a deluxe hot pink with 7”.


  10. I have a spare sealed RSD Chromatica and I’m dreading the idea of selling it online exactly for the reasons mentioned above.
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    Ugh why variant do I want?!
    Found some extra info: Baby Blue = Standard; Pink Marble = Indie Exclusive; Hot Pink + 7" = Deluxe Edition
  12. Always the one with the most music, so hot pink, but that's just me. Also signed white labels over on Ninja Tune, but don't care for those.
  13. Have any of you tried selling to a local record shop? I know you may not get as much as you might on Ebay but at least you’d have the peace of mind that it won’t be returned.
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  14. Instant order. Pink is amazing and and extra 7'' why not!
  15. Laundry Service has arrived in perfect condition. Thank you @HeartSwells! The “Made In France” sticker, though…

    I lost faith in UO slightly after the sleeves and slips on my last 3 orders were completely torn (ordered direct, not a group buy!)
  16. I do this all the time. I definitely could be making more if I sold online but it's quicker and I get to help out my local shop. Also, you get to build a relationship with the folks at the record shop, which, for me, is a huge plus!
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  17. Miley’s Plastic Hearts is finally on its way.
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  18. Rough Trade, please stop sending me emails about SOPHIE being pushed back.
  19. The US edition of t.A.T.u. RSD seems to have tracklist printed on the back cover.

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