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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Having my first listen now, it’s definitely got that fuzzy picture disk sound but their music is so hectic and busy it kind of masks it!
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  2. If there’s one thing RiotBecki is gonna do it’s SHOUT
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  3. Well, I got what I wanted online in seconds.

    Evanescence and Rolling Stones

    This drop really was a non-event wasn’t it?
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  4. My local record store has less than 1/10th of the people who queued for the first drop… a none-event for sure.
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  5. There was no queue. And I got a free IPA!
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  6. Completely forgot about this and easily snagged online the Oceans Soundtrack from Assai and Pipettes from Banquet.
  7. There really was nothing for the cigs this time was there- The difference in this thread today vs the last drop is worlds apart!

    I only wanted The Cranberries and got it on Discogs this morning from a store that put it up early for RRP so I didn’t even venture down in the end.
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  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Georgia and PVRIS were the only ones I was slightly interested in and....I'm just not that bothered to actually get them dd.
  9. There was a drop?
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  10. The RSD drop 2 "The RSD Drop 2"...dropped
  11. I would have got that but already have their greatest hits, so didn't want to fork out for this.
  12. Nowhere near me had Bastille, bummed but oh well.
  13. I'm just bitter Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind wasn't available in Europe. Honestly, the price gouging...
  14. There was nothing in drop 2 that could draw me in.
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  15. The gays flipped out over yellow Chromatica in drop 1, the straights flipped out over Foo Fighters covering the Bee Gees in drop 2.
  16. Joni Mitchell Reprise Boxset thoughts,

    I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say I think the new mix of Song to a Seagull is awful, The Dawntreader being borderline unlistenable it sounds like a bootleg copy where the instruments have been amped and there’s so much echoy reverb? I don’t know if that’s even the right word I am hoping I'm wrong and it’s just because I love the debut production.

    I’m low key thinking about returning the box set as the colour reproductions are gorgeous but it feels like a cheap hard cardboard inside and the disks once removed barely fit back in and also I thought the sleeves would be a true reproduction as in Debut and Ladies has a sort of “paper” feel to the sleeves and Clouds and Blue were textured, it’s funny as the Japanese shm cds I have basically reproduce them exactly as they were!

    If there’s anyone from the US here could you tell me if the sleeves/feel are different from what I’ve described? As I know pressing plants etc can mean different results, as far as sound it seems fine on mine?
  17. I got the Sinead EP, that's all I needed from drippy drop 2.
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  19. I just opened mine. The albums are literally cardboard nn. The top and bottom edges of the gatefold are shitty too, like the glued down flaps are totally visible and kinda warped. I haven't played the discs (still setting up my system), so can't speak to that, but...yeah.

    Let me know if you return. I might too. I've read that her early songs and drawings book was a piece of shit too, so it seems endemic.
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  20. I got the Cranberries greatest hits (shocked this isn’t considered cig worthy), the Cure Wild Mood Swings, and then Sisters of Mercy just for the sake of it. I was tempted by Pvris but then realised the actual album is still sealed, so that was that.
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