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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Got The Cranberries, Evanescence from RSD drop 2. Also I got a new t.A.T.u. because my first was skipped during Malchik Gay
  2. I got Alkaline Trio and toyed with St. Vincent just because it’s a NIN cover, but then I remembered I can just listen to the OG on The Downward Spiral. Also, £14 for a 7-inch is extortion.
  3. The battle on Discogs over whether or not the Fantasea vinyl should be considered an official release is hilarious.
  4. Very random one but Amazon UK currently has The Cardigans Gran Turismo for £13.
  5. Azealia threatening fans if they bring the vinyl to shows nn.
  6. Girl what shows
  7. Flashbacks to what felt like months of endless back and forth over whether the yellow Future Nostalgia could be called a special edition, a limited edition, a boxset or none of the above.
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  8. Or when a signed Billie variant by Bengans needed a separate listing.

    It so did!
  9. Does anybody here have both versions of Tori Amos Under The Pink represses (The EU and American B&N exclusive)? I wonder if there are big differences in colour and sound quality...
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  10. After explaining part shopping policies for the 673638468th time this week, all niceties are out the window. New mantra - you’re gonna buy these whether you like it or not!!!

    side note: totally missed a “want to” from that sentence. Oops.
  11. Bengans still has pretty much everything from RSD Drop 2 if anyone is struggling to find Bastilles, The Cranberries, Georgias, or The Matrix OST. We're now on the 'outside the EU' .com site, don't use the .eu or .se ones. Wax & Beans in Bury, Manchester still has some RSD Drop 2 stock also (PVRIS, Bastille, Keane).
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  12. I'm still waiting for the Tori store to dispatch mine?
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  13. A Spice Girls section got added to the label-owned vinyl shop in the Netherlands. Wonder what turns up... Watch it be Wannabe 25
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  17. The Dolly Parton vinyl that was coming out for my work's anniversary release is postponed until Octoberish. Something to do with manufacturing problems.
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