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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Whats this?
  2. Apologies if mentioned already, but I noticed Madonna’s Confessions on a Dance Floor has suddenly soared in price after being readily available for years.

    Extremely wishful thinking here, but maybe they’ve stopped repressing her albums for now because they’re planning to re-release them all? Maybe to coincide with her 40th anniversary next year?
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  3. More likely to be because of pressing plant back-ups? I could see them doing something for her discography to coincide with a movie popularity resurgence but I doubt they'd be planning it already.
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  4. It soared in price last year then had a very brief restock in February time (with the new Warner logo and different font on the sticker) but because they were rare before they went super quickly - I think possibly because it’s one of the main albums that the vinyl gays who started collecting in the pandemic would have wanted? So I imagine it will come back in stock, but just that it’s not been re-pressed yet because of pressing plant shortages / the early 2021 batch went so much quicker than they expected!
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  5. Miley just arrived and it’s so nice to finally have this, I ordered from her U.K. store and can confirm it’s the 2LPs with the bonus tracks on Side D.
  6. Good to know, mine is coming by Friday as got it from Amazon UK.
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  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Just Dolly and Lou Reed x
  8. Has anyone had their orders from Slayyyter’s webstore delivered… or even acknowledged nn?
  9. Yeah all my stuff was shipped and has arrived.
  10. Oh dear :(
  11. Hope you don't mind me asking guys.

    I'm looking to buy a second turntable to move back down to London with me. (I don't really fancy taking my whole set up from home.)

    I've found a pretty decent deal on the Denon DP-300f. Does anyone have any experience with this guy, or am I better going for an AT? Ideally don't wanna spend more than £200, as I'll probably be buying new speakers too.
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  12. I have Denon DP-300f upgraded with Ortofon 2M Red cartridge since september 2016 and I'm very happy with it. I've never ever experienced any skips on any record and it works without any problems.
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  13. Has anyone here ever used a vinyl flattening service? And, if so, did it work? I see that they use specialist machines that heat and flatten them.

    I have a vinyl that’s warped and want to get it fixed. It still plays perfectly fine but it just looks wobbly as hell and bugs me. I’ve tried sandwiching it between heavy books for a few weeks, which worked a little, but it’s still not fine.

    It’s so superficial but I’d love to get it flattened somewhere!
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  16. I know they did it for Song Machine but Gorillaz repress Plastic Beach on recycled vinyl challenge for thematic effect.
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