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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

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  3. Same here...
  4. Townsend just shipped my Tori Pink vinyl.
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  5. I think recycled vinyl could be cool if they had the facilities to separate the recycled colours and then press using a mix of complementary ones, but if not then surely they’d all end up as a dark sludge? Those Denai Moore ones seem a good idea!
  6. Disclosure did the same thing with their most recent album, it was very hit or miss depending on the base color of the vinyl.
  7. I don't know if this also happens for any of you but for the past 6 months or so it has felt like I no longer have the joy and excitement when I see a vinyl arrive in my mailbox. Must be due to over-collecting but I can't help admitting that each vinyl coming in now seems more a tick on my must-have list than something I care for... Btw yes, I'm a variants collector.
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  8. It pains me to say it. But I have become the same. The excitement, it seems, is from ordering the vinyl. Not actually receiving it. As weird as that is. It comes in the mail, and it goes on the shelf. Maybe I need to slowdown big time?
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  9. I got a Sophie Ellis-Bextor 12" the other day for £1.

    As it turns out, the excitement still exists, it just needs to be an old, battered copy from 2001 to go with the collection
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  10. The eight month wait preorders, push backs, postage costing as much as the vinyl (already costing 29 - 39 quid) and listening to the actual album on Spotify for weeks has killed the excitement to be honest.
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  12. I moved to from Holland to Melbourne in March 2020 and immediately got stuck in 8 months of lockdown. One of the things that brought me joy in that dark time was buying records, but I got them all shipped to my parents' so I had no way to actually see or play the records I added to my collection.

    I returned home yesterday and got to unpack this:


    I think the solution for the waning excitement we're all feeling is to simply get yourself 30+ records over the span of a year and unpack them all at once.
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  13. I made a post in the Sevdaliza thread but thought I’d share here too.
    Her first 2 EPS have been released for the first time on vinyl in limited editions of 2000 copies.
    I just ordered mine.

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  14. I was just about to post this - for some reason I can't get shipping to Ireland or a lot of EU countries for that matter?
  15. Have the U.K. webstores stopped doing vinyl sales completely over the past 6 months or so? HMV and Sound of Vinyl used to seem to have continual sales during the first lockdown but now there’s pretty much nothing, unless you count the HMV 2 for £40, which isn’t really much of a reduction.
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  16. Sound of vinyl had some genuinely great ones. Picked up a few for sub-£10. Katy’s Witness for a tenner. Ariana’s lavender split ‘My Everything’ for £15.

    Those were the days…
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  17. Gays: thinking of buying Masseduction on vinyl. What's the packaging/pressing quality like? Yay or nay?
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