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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Demand is on the rise, and labels aren't able to print as many standard press runs as they might have done in the past, so not much overstock... unless you're Poster Girl.
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  2. everything spiked up in price around Feb I think, £10-15 vinyls are now £30
  3. I remember thinking 2 for £30 wasn't much of a saving, 2 for £40 made me laugh when I first saw it but I guess prices have gone up dramatically.
  4. Hey babes, guess who got her tax return and is actually going to invest in a new turntable that isn't $50 from Target?


    In saying that, I would love some advice. I know we have that one post we direct everyone to, but I'm a vinyl phony and aesthetic is the most important thing to me. So does anyone have any recommendation for a white turntable below $1000, preferably with some sort of bluetooth connectivity, not a lot of branding on it and square cause I hate curved edges.

    I'm looking at the Pro Ject Primary E Bluetooth as it seems to tick all the boxes, but since I have no idea what a Phono stage is, I figure it's best to open the floor to people who do what they're talking about and see if you have any advice for me.
  5. Curious about this too. I picked up the EU repress yesterday but don't have the B&N. My first reaction is that the printing doesn't look as vivid as other repressings... IMG_7694.jpg
  6. Can anyone recommend a stylus cleaner and record brush?
  7. I think it means it can be connected to an existing set up without needing an amp, so you use their speakers.
    If you don't have an existing set up you best get the Jukebox E model which has the amp as built in so you then just need two speakers to buy.

    The official au site has it at $1,200 but maybe shop around?
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  8. Jukebox E would have been my shout too.
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  9. Get in bestie's, we are sobbing. We are rocking

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  10. She took her sweet time, but the Plastic Hearts vinyl is a cute lil package.

    Nothing outstanding, but a gatefold and booklet for £20.33 feels like being spoilt these days.
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  11. Wait a damn minute!
  12. Taylor put the gray Meet Me Behind the Mall variant back on her store, it's the only one that wasn't restocked previously.
  13. Anybody been fussed with the HMV centenary releases? Didn't have any luck getting Alanis at mine.
  14. And there any news on whether Hounds Of Love is a coloured vinyl or not?
  15. Every copy is a unique mix / colour.
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  17. aux


    Y’all… I went to HMV to snatch a copy of the Hounds of Love reissue. I was expecting to get some rubbish colour because of the nature of recycled vinyl but I got the most gorgeous purple / white colour. I’m gagging. I really hope they reissue the rest of her discography in coloured vinyl like this. Hounds of Love is probably one of my favourite albums of all time, I’m so happy to finally get a coloured copy of it. The picture doesn’t do it justice, it looks more purple in person.

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  18. I wish we still had HMVs in Australia now.
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  19. I know this is very last minute but I'm desperate for the HMV Hounds Of Love LP and I'm afraid it'll be sold out by 4pm. Would any kind soul be willing to help and buy it for/send it to me? [As I'm not in the UK...] [All expenses paid of course]. PM me if so.
  20. That's a stunning Kate Bush vinyl, if HMV hadn't buggered off from Southampton a couple of years back I'd be there like a shot.
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