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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. That's a stunning Kate Bush vinyl, if HMV hadn't buggered off from Southampton a couple of years back I'd be there like a shot.
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  2. I’m actually going to HMV shortly so if they have it, I’ll grab you one. My husband is coming with me so we’ll get one each. We’ve decided to go to a very random store so fingers crossed.
  3. 2014

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    The Kate Bush has been selling here like crazy, as have Prodigy and Louis Tomlinson ew. Tempted with Alanis....
  4. Just a heads up if you have a Fopp near you they are worth visiting because the GP don’t realise it’s the same company as HMV and stock the same exclusives.
    I’m hoping to get Alanis from the website at 4pm, I’m away for the weekend so there’s no stores nearby.
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  5. Not these posts back-to-back!
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  6. The way HMV knew the demand for it.
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  7. RJF


    I want to pick up the XX.
  8. This was true near me. My other half had queued to get into HMV at 10am and by time he left some titles were already sold out. I wandered into Fopp an hour ago, it was quiet and everything was in still stock.
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  9. I went to Fopp this morning and they directed us down a one way system… the person in the queue behind me went the other way and snatched the last 2 Hounds Of Love for him (and the person in the queue behind him) before I had made it round the way I’d been directed… fuming!
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    Yas that’s on my list - kind of the perfect record for glow in the dark colour teebs.
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  11. Isn’t it interesting how the HMV drop generated more excitement than RSD 2? I love my local HMV and am pleased this is helping to secure their jobs.
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  12. Not the HMV online store crashing…
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  13. Kate Bush and Prodigy were sold out by the time I'd got through (in less than a minute).
    But I didn't need either, so at least I'm saving money.

    I feel like vinyl must have really saved HMV, with them announcing the opening of 10 new stores this week. Must be one of the only retailers to be still backing the high street. Good for them.
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  14. Managed to get Jagged Little Pill. I dont have a copy of that yet so quite happy to have this edition.

    It said sold out for quite a while but I kept refreshing and it finally allowed me to add to my basket so might be worth doing that for others.
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  15. Same I was there refreshing through 4pm, add to basket came up for Kate, then site crashed, then please wait, then "sorry you missed out, please try again"

    Yes saved money!
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  16. Hounds of Love is my favourite album of all time, so it would’ve been cool to have this new version, but I’m content with the Audio Fidelity from 2010:


    The marbling on this pressing is stunning.
  17. Plus the fact that it’s gatefold, and properly remastered. I’m envious.
  18. I got Jagged Little Pill, though it took about 12 minutes to go through check out and I was worried it would time out.
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  19. [​IMG]

    It took me 15 minutes of refreshing but my order has gone through. I'm hoping it's ready when I pick up my Billie Eilish order next week.

    The whole website at 3.59 basically turning into this forum circa two days ago.
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  20. Keep refreshing. I JUST got a Prodigy!
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