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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. I don't think so
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  2. Even if they don't take the money, they’ll have to verify the funds are available, so the order won’t go through if the account is empty for instance. Also not sure if the money disappears for a couple days and then reappears, that happens to me with Urban Outfitters for example.
  3. That list made me wet
  4. The excuse I needed to buy both Garbage and BeautifulGarbage hehe
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  6. Oh, I've wanted Gabrielle's 'Rise' on vinyl for ages!
  7. They take the money in full and then refund it.

    Kylie - Fever has been right at the top of my wish list for years, so very excited about that. Also want to nab Emotions.
  8. Kylie - Fever is the only one I want and like everyone have been waiting for the reissue. Looks like they have more than enough copies so that it's not chaotic mess like RSD.
  9. It’s the best lineup in ages when it comes to vinyl drops. Not that it’s spectacular new content but so much good stuff that wasn’t wildly available. Bless them.
  10. I've gone and preordered Rise, as, what an album, and one I didn't expect to pop up on vinyl ever.

    It looks like Garbage has sold out on Sounds Of Vinyl. There fans be wild.
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  11. Just say gay!
  12. Pink Garbage is still available on Amazon UK for anyone panicking.
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  13. On Resident too, reckon other shops will have them up by the end of the day/week.
  14. Juno too. Still no sign of Kylie though.
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  15. They know what they're doing. Both No Angel and Fever are the ones yet to surface.
  16. Has Mariah appeared anywhere yet? I haven’t seen it.
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  17. I literally was looking at Discogs yesterday afternoon thinking about how much I want Fever on vinyl. My mind…
  18. I’ve broken my ankle and also got
    Pinged by the NHS app so I’m housebound for a while.
    Waiting for a few new vinyl purchases to arrive but if anyone can suggest something good to listen with to I’d appreciate it.
  19. Same!
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  20. Get your wallets out, dear children or hot dads.

    At least it's not the 89th pressing of a Pink Floyd album clogging up the plants this time.
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