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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Thank you! I didn’t know they did that and Catch was always missing from Spotify here before so I am beyond happy to finally blast it easily.
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  2. I think the websites are using the deluxe CD info. I don't think it'll come with the deluxe cover (and the remixes)
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  3. Good shout! Will give it a go!
  4. Not convinced this exists. Haven't seen any pictures, barcode on the Discogs page matches the same random glow/seafoam variants. Can imagine maybe a couple of stores saw listing as COLOURED VINYL with GOLD stamped jacket and got mixed up.
  5. There is a gold vinyl along with the seaglass and glow ones, but I've not seen it come up a lot

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  6. Thank you. I'm not intimately familiar with their situation, but I know they've struggled with label bullshit over the years, so hopefully they'll be pleased to work with someone like yourself who won't mess them about. There's also their further albums, 2012's Independence and 2013's Solitude. No 2021 remasters of those, but no vinyl pressings of them either. Happy hunting!

    + if I may be so bold: Light Sepia colour for Resist, Grey/Silver/Stone colour for Kokopelli, Blue colour for Damage, Red colour for Independence, Brown colour for Solitude.
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  7. I *think * the gold version is a tour exclusive
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  8. But when is @Dark Ballet giving us Booty Luv - Boogie 2nite on vinyl with Say It as a bonus track?
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  9. This is correct, the melted gold Bleachers is a tour exclusive!
  10. Isnt there just six Little Mix variants? Black, yellow, orange and the 3 picture discs? Given Billie and Olivia’s recent releases that feels…conservative
  11. There is also blue, red & pink. @Jacques made this list:

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  12. Sadly those were only onsale for a few hours and have been gone since. I hope they come back but could also see them being cancelled given the state of the plants.
  13. Hmm I can see them being added on-sale later on/week of release, but they probably wanted to make sure the picture disc individual variants sold out first.
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  14. Yeah they will be keeping them for release week. They've hopefully learnt from what happened with DISCO.
  15. Has there been any news on the Mariah Emotions pink for Album Day? Is it definitely in store only?
  16. Jazmine Sullivan's confirmed her albums will be making there way to her vinyl shortly!
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