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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. the red is pretty!

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  2. I'm so mad we got orange instead of red from Target in the US. I would absolutely have gone for the Target version with her signature on the cover if it weren't orange.

    The one time a Target exclusive isn't red, I swear.
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  3. Both the white and yellow have sold out in Lana's US store, but the white has now appeared as an Amazon exclusive so I imagine UO will get the yellow.
  4. Speaking of this, the replies on this tweet....
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  5. My SOPHIE - PRODUCT vinyls came in and I got an extra MSMSMSM copy~ How lovely, suddenly the @mindtrappa is me.
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  6. You can get the One Night on vinyl with Blackhole acoustic and it is signed from her store.

    Aww bless her mentioning about the mess with the distribution.
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  8. Love how the red vinyl gives a zoom on her face in the picture and make her look like Carrie.
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  9. kal


    Here’s Mutya showing the sleeve of the One Touch re-issue. I love how the photo is glossy and the border around it is matte.

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  10. Our vynl is OVERLY sexy

  11. I was impatient and really wanted my first listen of star-crossed to be the vinyl itself, so I cancelled my Surprise Color #1 order since it hasn't yet shipped and got a copy from Target. I actually really like how the orange looks with the color scheme of everything, it adds a nice pop! The little extra collectible sleeve is nice but I kinda wish they went with a different picture since that one is already the back cover.
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  12. It looks like the lavender clear split is the only 180g variant. Curious to read about if there's any quality difference.
  13. Notes on the Kacey Target edition:
    • Her signature isn't actually on the cover. It looks like it's supposed to be a clear sticker on the shrink wrap, but none of the copies at my Target had one. Some of the CDs did, though - one of them upside-down in the opposite corner. Quality control, girlies. It looks like some of the non-Target variants have the sticker too.
    • The inner sleeve seems to be the same as the regular one, or maybe the regular one has "star crossed" on it whereas this one is plain? If not I don't know what the hell the "exclusive sleeve" is.
    • As HBF said, the poster is the veil photo with the words "star crossed" at the top, 12x12".
    I'm disappointed honestly. I might end up just returning it since I have the violet/clear one coming anyway.

    EDIT: Yeah it's the same as the regular one. The similar looking thing I was seeing in photos of other editions with "star crossed" on it was the back of the credits insert.
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  14. I'm pretty sure the picture of her with the veil is the exclusive sleeve, I don't think it's in the other versions?
  15. It says "orange crush vinyl + collectible sleeve + collectible poster." The veil print would be the poster, surely?
  16. Oh I didn't notice that on the sticker, hmm...I wonder if they messed up and forgot to include it.
  17. I would honestly cackle.
  18. I just looked on the Target website in the Q&A section and-

    I...what? dd
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  19. Veil print. No signature on packaging. Gradient looking sleeve for the vinyl.
  20. I think what they're saying is that the "sleeve" is ... the cover. So it would seem the "collectible" sleeve is just collectible because of the design and is in fact not a Target exclusive, even though it's mentioned on the sticker? An absolute shambles.
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