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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. ff oh well, I do really like the color and it sounds great.
  2. Did anyone get the lavender star-crossed (not split)? I finally pulled the trigger after finding a promo code for UM’s CA store to make it cheaper, and saw there’s the misprint of “k” on Side B tracks…

    Curious if it’s on all of them or just some. Don’t really mind either way, I wanted the color more. The Discog’s page for it literally labels it as “misprint” lol
  3. Looking at other Discogs listings, it looks like non-US pressings are missing the k's in general - the white and European red pressings have the misprint too. US versions don't seem to have any misprints though.

    Not every listing has manufacturing data yet, but it looks like US releases were pressed in Canada and non-US releases (including, bizarrely, the Canadian ones) were pressed in Germany. I would wager that all versions pressed in Germany have the misprint and all versions pressed in Canada do not.
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  4. Any Barcelona cigs UO has the Teyanna album for €17.
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  5. No If I Told You That?
  6. Someone tag me when My Everything returns on vinyl please
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  7. Vinyl coming this week and I love the colours

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  8. Star-crossed split vinyl was re-added to Kacey’s store.

    Snatched one and cancelling my CA lavender order
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  9. The Clare Maguire - Light After Dark vinyl has just had the “your vinyl is almost ready” emails sent out, so I predict in the UK they’ll arrive on Saturday 16th October!
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  10. Just saw this and snatched one so damn fast. I was gonna go for the Target edition but the split vinyl has the glossy sleeve, I believe (like the Target one does). The surprise colors only come with a paper white sleeve for the vinyl.
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  11. Can confirm, got my split today.
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  12. Also, can someone confirm that if you order the "surprise" that:

    #1 is red
    #2 is blue
    #3 is yellow

    or are they just sending them out randomly?
  13. Me waiting for any update on the tracking of my Golden Hour & Star-Crossed vinyls:

  14. Perched for the Slow Burn candle arriving in Jan 2022 with the vinyl following two months later!
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  15. Where my J-City Pop ladies at?
    The cover was decided, it's actually a photo from 1980 rather than 1984, but it's the one associated with the song due to the popular YouTube upload.

    They're also re-releasing the album Variety, which contains Plastic Love, on November 3rd but it's sold out on CDJapan.
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  16. That video constantly shows up in my YouTube recs so this is a scream.
  17. Those are the colors everyone's gotten on Discogs. It's definitely not random, though I have heard that if you just placed an order for the album without specifying a color (presumably meaning at a local shop), you got #1.
  18. Did you order from Kacey’s AU store? I got an email the other day saying shipping has been delayed to Oct 1st for Star-Crossed.
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  19. I ordered from the US store to get the boxset, they sent the orders out last week but no tracking updates since.
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