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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Not vinyl, but in the realm of obsolete formats making a comeback for reasons unknown, can anyone recommend a good portable tape player? The one from Kacey's cassette box set is much better than the Ion USB one I had, which in turn was a step up from the generic brand USB one I had before that, but it's still kind of wibbly-wobbly. If I have to get a boom box for the sake of converting stuff that's only on tape, I will, but I'd much rather have a portable one that sounds good since using a Walkman is like the whole charm of cassettes.
  2. I was at Barnes & Noble earlier and just checked the barcodes on Discogs because I was looking for the red, they had all 3 surprise variants.
  3. Ha… that’s smart!
  4. I must get this, and I love that they're using the image from then Youtube videos! Is ordering from CDJapan easy to do, I've never done it? Do they accept Paypal?
  5. Yep, used to order with them often back in the early 2010s. I believe some people have been hit with import fees at the border but I never had that on the dozens of orders I used to do.
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  6. Request is there also:
  7. Just ordered and it was really easy, so glad to have this song on vinyl at last, the amount of times I've replayed that YouTube rip...
    Was tempted by the Variety album as well but it's quite a mixed bag isn't it?
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  8. The deluxe 3LP edition of beautifulgarbage is currently nearly £15 cheaper on Amazon UK than everywhere else:

    Also similarly cheap on Amazon FR, for mainland Europe hunties.
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  9. Has anyone else received their lavender variant of star-crossed? It's a very, very faint lavender. Essentially clear held up to the light. Is the lavender dip darker?

    The gatefold opening in the middle is a great concept though. Makes me actually like the cover.
  10. ‘Limited’ to 15,000.

    You have to laugh.
  11. Ohh I've legitimately been looking at which version to get over the past few days but I'm going to wait for this one, looks great.
  12. Right, with that quantity I think this may have been a retailer exclusive that was delayed in production that they decided to hold back for this.
  13. That RSD Black Friday list is a joke!
  14. Are we really that surprised that the RSD Black Friday list is light on pop girls? Over the last 8 years they’ve been doing it I can only remember 4 releases!

    Lady Gaga - Applause 12" Picture Disc
    Chvrches - Under The Tide 12"
    Madonna - Ray Of Light Clear 2LP
    Madonna - I Rise 12”
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  15. RJF


    Wait, was this the only release of this? I didn't even realise this was an RSD thing. I bought it for like £15...
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  16. Taylor’s RSD RED and Speak Now were Black Friday releases
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  17. Not me owning these and completely forgetting!
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