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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. I swear this is the second or third time No Time To Die has gotten a release.
  2. Has it become any clearer how U.S. fans might be able to buy the Fever reissue?
  3. And none for the movie!
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  4. Nn it’s going for over $200 now on Discogs
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  5. RJF


    Gagger looking after me even when we're not on speaking terms. Somewhat queen!
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  6. I know most people won’t be buying anyway but Rough Trade have Lana listed for £50?!
  7. Ugh UMG CA didnt cancel my lavender star-crossed in time, as it just dispatched.....anyone wanna buy it off me for face value? lol
  8. It's available on Amazon and through many independent shops.
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  9. Bless you!
  10. If you live in the States, i’m fairly certain Light In The Attic will import the Plastic Love vinyl like they always do so no need to fret.
  11. Recordstore have 15% off (also seems to apply to the postage) using code TEE15VEE at the moment - I cancelled my Fearless and Born This Way 10 orders from their artists stores (they’re both out on Oct 1st) and by combining postage & saving 15% I saved over £15 compared to the individual orders!
  12. Thanks! Finally bit the bullet on one of those Spice 25s for £18.65 with postage.
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  13. I just checked and Charli's True Romance vinyl recently sold for $400+ on Discogs????? Jesus Christ this market is out of control.
  14. Why is the UK tenth anniversary Born This Way only 2LP compared to the 3LP US version? What’s missing?
  15. I think it’s an error on the UK store, as the German store has it listed as a 3LP. The image used is of the 1LP reimagined disc - if it was 2LP it could be the standard album without the reimagined disc, but using the reimagined cover is confusing - I think they’ll realise it’s a mistake and up the price closer to release.
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  16. It's (accurately...ish) described as violet rather than lavender, but while it's a bit on the pastel side, it's definitely a strong purple color.

    Related, I think I may have finally figured out the Target mystery @HairBodyFace: I think the "collectible sleeve" refers to that abstract gradient inner sleeve. Which the various webstore exclusives also come in, but the standard variants (mystery colors/white/clear) don't, so they are technically telling the truth that it's an "exclusive" among retailers.
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  17. I just saw that on her post! Makes sense that that's the "collectible sleeve" and the veil picture is the poster. A bit of a let down of an "exclusive" but oh well.
  18. The Rina deluxe vinyl is postponed again until the 26th November because they can’t source enough gold glitter…
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  19. I’m fine waiting as long as it doesn’t end up being another Halsey debacle. In other news, my House of Balloons anniversary vinyl is surprisingly being prepped for shipment.
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  20. Finally got Shakira Laundry Service! While the front cover is gorgeous the heavily pixelated back cover is NOT it! I understand the hires original pic might be impossible to find but I mean they didn’t even try to smooth it a little bit or use some AI upsale software to make it look less like a cheap Chinese knockoff.
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