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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Apparently there’ll be a bonus gift for the trouble though! Signed postcards come through.
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  2. An envelope of silver glitter that goes everywhere when opened.

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  3. I’ll take a repress of the Rina EP as my bonus gift please.
  4. My "star-crossed" split vinyl already shipped from the restock. We love to see it.
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  5. Imagine explaining this sentence to someone in 2001.
    If Miss Sawayama could do a restock... that'd be swell. I only really got into her after it was sold out. Or I'd be equally if not more happy with a deluxe CD!
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  6. Aquarium turned up today, a week after I got the dispatch, I’m truly shocked it was so quick after my last order from the same Russian website took 3 months to arrive.
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  7. We finally got there!!!
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  8. Yas! Is there any Irish store receiving limited copies?
  9. In London this weekend, any suggestions for a spot of vinyl shopping around central London?
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  10. Reckless Records and Sister Ray on Berwick St in Soho are always a favourite of mine.
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  11. As is Sound Of the Universe and if you're into a bit more dance Phonetica!
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  12. Pre paid for my Kylie vinyl so don't have to panic to pick it up on the day!

    Spoke to the cashier and she said many people have asked to pre pay.

    The first time someone came up to her she had no idea what they were on about as this is the first time you had to pre order instore!
  13. Genuinely relieved at this, so many orders for Q4. I need to eat!
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  14. I was actually relieved by this news, October is a pretty jam packed expensive month for vinyl, so it's nice that this can wait another month as it's one of the costlier releases.
  15. Any Euro links for the Blue Banisters tractor cover? Or is it UK-only?
  16. Iggy's End of an Era is up and looks pretty great – but shipping in May, and even the webstore seems to hint that date might be ambitious. It's over, gals!

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  17. Slayyyter mixtape vinyl is on her site @1991. It’s not letting anyone check out though, so not sure if it’s sold out or if it’s a site glitch

  18. Hope this makes it's way to the UK somehow, this mixtape slaps!
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