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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. I wouldn’t risk it if your heart is set on getting a copy.
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  2. Thank you! Website's crashed nn but I'll keep trying.
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  3. The girls on Twitter and ATRL are saying its already sold out.. the way I continue to be on the losing team..
  4. RMK


    Curious where the negotiations lie for these releases, I heard different labels are allotted windows sometimes? Iggy is getting pushed to May of 2022, but I highly doubt Halsey was sitting on If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power for eight months. Same with Billie and her album.
  5. thank you so much! I finally have a copy of Robyn/Royksopp to call my own!!

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  6. I just ordered one / it's still up!!
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  7. Probably won’t interest many but just got the email:


    ‘This offer is limited to 500 copies, so act quickly!’


    Now press Valiente and the rest of her back catalog!
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  8. My AQUA vinyl is here and it is amazing!
  9. Amazing! I remember when this vinyl suddenly disappeared and skyrocketed in price online. Glad you found it!
  10. Aww her listenable album!

  11. Would it maybe be that the label simply books a slot but the actual album doesn’t need to be submitted until closer to said slot?
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  12. I think someone shared an interesting article on here about how it all works, labels negotiate for slots and then decide internally how to use the slots they’ve managed to get.

    I think this goes some way to explaining why independent/smaller artists like Iggy end up at the back of the queue but also why something like the Wannabe EP would get pushed back as the label would rather ensure a major artists new release gets prioritised over an older release.
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  13. Does anyone have the Tori Under the Pink recent pink translucent release that can tell me if it’s good quality and it is gatefold?
  14. Why isn't Montero on vinyl?!
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  15. Just went to HMV and paid for Kylie - Fever to be cautious. The reservation list was very long.
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  16. I did that the other day, so many have done the same too. I did it as I won't be able to pick it up on the day but will do on Monday.
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  18. Pretty, but honestly I think the solid translucent pink (which I have, kii) is more fitting for the album. And I certainly don't need a second copy dd.
  19. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

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