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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

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  2. Fuck my life. Neither Kylie or Dido available for us European hunties.
  3. JPC has Fever up for preorder.
  4. how did I miss the slayyyter vinyl again why god
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  5. Good luck with finding the plant capacity!!
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  6. Be thankful for the pressing delays otherwise labels would've already done this with those 'playlist' EPs they keep pushing out on streaming.
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  7. Halsey at least wants to include demos/unreleased content on them. But labels are absolutely going to jump on that when they can.
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  8. Okay, but the Camp Katy EP needs a vinyl pressing immediately

    3 tracks each side. Rainbow splattered vinyl. RSD 2040 Exclusive!
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  9. RJF


    Do we really need ANGST!!! Parts 1-17?
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  11. You think we'll get Life for Rent repressed in 2023?
  12. Not her tainting the one good album they've made with songs from her other albums...
  13. The number of "chapters" Taylor would come up with...
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  15. Thirty-two Great British Pounds? Better Mistakes indeed
  16. Praying!
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  17. Stopped in Nashville on the way to see @Jwentz and picked up the peach Sign o’ The Times and Taylor’s Red at this cool bar/record store combo. I haven’t been able to find the peach print for Prince online since it came out cause I was poor at the time so very pleased to see serendipitously on the way to Minneapolis.
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  18. Ohh what's the name of the store/bar? Sounds cool!
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  19. Vinyl Tap in East Nashville!
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    It's fine tbh. Save me from my purse strings.
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