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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Ooh nice, are there any UK stores doing the album too? Trying to avoid those sky high P&P costs...
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  3. The HMV/FNAC/European Lady Gaga Love For Sale deluxe vinyl has been mispressed

    Side A misses track 5
    Side B misses the final song (a deluxe one) and while the other deluxe song is actually on the vinyl, it’s B4, with Dream Dancing is B5.

    Lots of people are reporting it as the standard edition as it only has 10 tracks, but it’s actually different to the standard vinyl, just mispressed.
  4. They had the perfect opportunity to whack McCartney's No More Lonely Nights (Special Dance Mix) right in here!!!
  5. Pat


    not me pre-ordering this one :(
  6. Kinda wild that they're staying true to Super Bass being a bonus track when they could easily chuck it onto the 2LP standard version.
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  7. $400 for a cardboard suitcase, glitter 3xLP, photo book and poster? Delusional.
  8. It tracks. Also I think I liked the OG mockups better? But these seem more realistic I guess. I'll probably get the 3XLP at some point, since I've been wanting this album on pink vinyl forever.
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  9. My ‘PCD’ has been shipped! Guessing UO moved it one week earlier.
  10. The orginal mock-ups looked very different nn. I thought the 3LP edition would look similar to what Gwen Stefani’s vinyl did.
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  11. She got testicle operations to pay for.
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  12. Lemme buy the 3LP and run
  13. Looks like the Fever vinyl is getting a wider release. £150 bundle including Silver vinyl and a signed Lithograph on her store now.

  14. wig
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  15. Thank God. I was browsing the £150 eBay flippers the other night and considering.
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  16. I love the look of the silver but I just can’t justify paying $70 for one LP when the white is already available at $45. Damn shipping to the US.
  17. Snatched a signed lithograph as a payday treat.
  18. And sold out by the time I was looking. Oh well, probably good since I do have the white one on pre order!
  19. I’ve long been wanting a framed version of the Fever cover for my wall, so said screw it & splurged on the signed lithograph.
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