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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. £120 for a signed print???
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  2. Is this not the silver version?
  3. This is the exact reason I bought it too. Such an iconic image.
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  4. SBK


    Is the white version, they've just lightened the silver version. Silver is exclusive to her merch store.
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  5. I don’t normally like Silver vinyl (Chromatica!) but I’ve bought it just in case I don’t manage to get the white one.
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  7. K94


    Is that the price everywhere? Nn
  8. SBK


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  10. Wait, so it's NOT a limited release after all?
  11. K94


    Fanx! Have pre-ordered
  12. I'm just pleased the Fever vinyl is easier now to order. A heck of a lot of the silver vinyl is up on eBay already.
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  13. It’s the white vinyl not the silver one - it says it’s limited so I’d get it sooner rather than later given the history of Fever vinyls.
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  14. Yeah, I know - the white one's the one what people have been calling HMV for, the one's that not listed anywhere in all those National Album Day listings, etc, but now it's just casually up for general pre-sale over on Amazon. Oh Kylie.

    Now do Let's Get To It.
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  15. SBK


    I'd imagine both variants are "limited", but the white is less limited since its at so many retailers.

    I've got a white Sainsbury's one already, so no need for another.
  16. Rough Trade says the white is limited to 4000… which doesn’t seem nearly enough to fulfill demand.
  17. The chaos on eBay with people paying £150 for the silver variant. It's like the Sainsbury's release all over again.
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  18. Amazon’s not letting me add the Fever vinyl to my basket for pre-order, I’m sweating girlies!
  19. I just managed to preorder a copy of Fever from Amazon… Now it’s gone.
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  20. It’s showing as ‘Currently unavailable’ now - I imagine the listing will be back up again soon for anyone who missed out like me.
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