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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. I'm glad I snatched a back up White Fever from Amazon should HMV fall through (even though I've already paid for it).
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  3. I've got my Fever pre-order at Fopp, that'll be the white variant, listening to what people are saying here.
    Would have traded it for the silver one. Bet that sold out in a second. Dammit.
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  4. Silver was on for a good hour or so. I was debating for a while but ended up buying
  5. The article announcing Kylie as an ambassador for National Album Day says the vinyl will be available officially outside of the UK and Australia on November 19 - might be worth keeping an eye on?

    Rochelle Jordan's Play with the Changes vinyl is out today and is currently £16 via Amazon. There's a gold vinyl appearing on some European stores so I'm not sure if this listing is for that or the standard black pressing.
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  6. Hopefully they will put some more up later today, you never know.

    I too have my white version pre ordered, so at least I will have that.
  7. The way I read the official announcement was that the White would be limited edition (limited to 4000 for National Album Day) while the Silver would be the widely available version.
  8. Maybe they’ll do batches of the silver like Paramore did with their After Laughter album.
  9. Sam


    Snatches one from Monorail thank GOD. Completely forgot it was today.
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  10. Could someone please @ and PM me and generally wave all the attention flags if the Fever silver goes on sale again.
  11. I would love a +1 on this too please!
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  12. From the National Album Day article, they say "All 20th anniversary editions are limited"
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  15. kal


    My custom Real Girl vinyl has been manufactured & shipped. I can’t wait to see it!
  16. I pre-ordered Fever on a couple weeks ago for 40€ (girl!), and today I received a 10€ refund. Apparently it's 30€ now but it doesn't shop up when you search for it.
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  17. I’ve looked on about 50 times and haven’t seen it for sale. Am I being idiotic? If it’s still on sale please help me!

    Edit: or if anyone knows anywhere that will ship this to Ireland for €50-ish let me know!
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  18. Yeah if someone could please force more copies of this into existence, I’d be much obliged!!
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  19. Listening to my Fearless TV vinyl and suddenly I’m transported back to April 2021, the nostalgia!
  20. It's because it's currently sold out, it doesn't show up when you search for it:
    You can sign up just in case more copies become available.
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