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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Did anyone in the UK who ordered from Taylor’s store get Fearless today? Mine showed as delivery processed from about Wednesday but no email to confirm it’s left yet.
  2. i got a dispatch email from her store late last night & it arrived around 20 minutes ago. It was “processed” as early as Wednesday for me.
  3. What are we supposed to do with this? Is the label going to address this or can we ask for a proper copy?
  4. HMV have sent this email out to everyone who has ordered it
    So I’m assuming they’ll be pushing for a resolution from Universal, though I can’t see them re-pressing it.
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  5. Thanks! In my case, my copy is from Fnac and I'm reading online they're only offering 5€ coupons or the possibility to exchange it for another copy... Can you keep us updated with HMV comments?? Thanks!
  6. The plants being full AND having to sneak mispresses in... help.
  7. I need to ask an idiot question.

    I just snagged a Kylie Fever from FR Amazon but.. would an album from France have French text etc? Or do they just import them?
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  8. No, it will probably be the same edition for Europe and UK.
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  9. I ordered the Cheek to Cheek / Love For Sale package, anyone knows if this is wrong too?
  10. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    The hype sticker might be in another language, but the release is generally just the same for each territory unless bonus tracks/variations are announced.
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  11. I wonder how Amazon can have the white fever for pre-order (according to the mockup) when it was supposed to be super limited for National album day?
  12. It's sold out on Amazon UK. They probably had a small amount.
  13. It’s still up on German and French ones so what small amount are we talking about exactly ddd
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  14. I’ve got it preordered from Amazon US and a local Baltimore store. Unless they’ve really screwed up with the information they’ve given stores, I think it must be a wider release?
  15. Amazon cancelled my Mariah - Emotions NAD vinyl order the other day, so I don’t fully trust them anymore when it comes to allocated stock.
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  16. Yeah, they refunded me the difference too. Really appreciate it, because we know many other stores don't see a problem with selling a 1LP album for € 50 or whatever.
    I posted that listing a while ago, but they removed it once it was sold out. Which is good, because I've preordered it from JPC too and in the past I've never had an issue with them overselling or anything like that.
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  17. Pat


    But how will an exchange help? I suppose the whole batch will be misprinted.
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  18. They probably won't even realise about it unless more people complain about it or get a notification from the supplier/label informing about it.
  19. That's so shit. They better not cancel mine!
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