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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. You’re so welcome!
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  2. For any Carly Rae Jepsen fans... apparently the new vinyl isn't pink.
  4. It's... DavidsTea coloured.
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  5. kal


    If fag ash was a color.
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  6. She knows her market!
  7. Fake Tan colour for sure.
  8. It 100% will, she’s not gonna lose out on those sales!
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  9. Fearless was sold out for a while on pre order so I can’t see them not printing enough of this and it doesn’t say limited edition so it’s likely to be around for a good bit, plus target haven’t accounted their version which seems likely.
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  10. True, her vinyl sales are huge, it’d make no sense for this to be strictly limited, I can see the initial pressings and then more follow afterwards.
    I remember this now, and by August Fearless was popping up everywhere and is still readily available. I imagine Red went to the pressing plants much sooner than we probably realise with the announcement of the vinyl being closer to the release date, it probably explains the big gap between Fearless and Red TV.
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  11. Speaking of Fearless, I got my copy yesterday. The gold looks great, and the inside packaging is nicer than the CD or cassette (not that it's hard). But I wish it had been packaged differently, like in a slip case or box instead of the 3-panel gatefold. Not only do you have to open it up all the way to get discs 2 and 3 out - making it impossible to do without setting it down on a table or something - but it's difficult to wrestle disc 2 out of the middle panel. I'm planning on buying a plain die-cut jacket I can put discs 2 and 3 in and just shelve that behind the gatefold with disc 1.
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  12. Lmaoooooo I ordered the Carly one today. Tremendous.
  13. Clear repress of Complètement Fou by Yelle. Goes live tonight 7PM UK / 8PM FRANCE.


    I could cry, finally.

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  15. I demand this! Also, Mutebank now only do £6-7 delivery, even for 1LPs. You're probably better off waiting until your preferred record store has this in stock. You can still buy the "limited" colour reissues of Black Cherry, Supernature, and Seventh Tree practically everywhere (even on Mutebank's own store), so rest will have it soon enough.
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  16. It's very pretty, but I got the original for a tenner in 2016, so...will be interesting to see how much of it sells!
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  17. I’m guessing white or clear vinyl for Tales of Us then since we already have black?
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  18. Also, just noticed that Kylie’s Disco Guest List 5LP slipcase edition is sold out, I’m glad I caved on that one.
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  19. Where?
  20. Fake Mona Lisa indeed. Didn’t the same thing happened to her with Dedicated when the “clear” vinyl arrived… purple. At least that was an actual colour.
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