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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. I went into Fopp to see if I could collect mine and they said had to wait until tomorrow, for the event. Even though they had it and I had already paid for it. Oh well, can wait a bit longer...
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  2. I think I've actually spent more on National Album Day than I did for RSD this year.
  3. Same, but I don't even need it anymore as I ending up ordering the silver instead.

    Yeah this National Album Day is definitely for the gays... I've ended up with Roisin, Mariah and Kylie
  4. After being in contact with Brookvale Records for a week about the cancellation of my Dido order, they invoiced me today with 115 USD (2 records plus shipping), like are they fucking kidding? The original price including shipping was 87 USD. Thankfully I found Dido at Banquet and also grabbed pink Mariah.
  5. That’s annoying! I got mine in the mail today. You’ll love it, it looks great - worth the wait
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  6. Have PayPaled my money for the clear HAIM, fingers crossed.
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  7. Taylor Red is available again just preordered mine xx
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  8. Tell me about it, but you know waited over 20 years so what is a few more days right?

    Great that you have yours, so excited. One of my favourite Kylie albums of all time.
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  9. I received my silver ‘Fever’ today! SO happy to finally own this album. The silver is cute and doesn’t look cheap like it does on some pressings.

    Now I just need ‘Light Years’
  10. I'm buying Wounded Rhymes tomorrow, it's completely passed me by that there's remixes and demo versions on the bonus 12"! Or that there's even a bonus 12"!
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  11. The way I RAN to get the red Red TV.
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  12. I'm beginning to prefer Body Language as an album, even though Fever is my most played Kylie album by a mile.

    edit - just come home to my silver Fever.. weird that there's no hype sticker!
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  13. I am so unbelievable excited about Adele’s album, and yet for the first time since forever… I have zero motivation to buy the vinyl of one of my faves. That cover does nothing for me. I’ll cave of course, but still.
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  14. I have 21 & 25 on vinyl, but I'll definitely look for an alternate cover stateside because the one she went with ain't it for me.
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  15. Secured a red Red vinyl! I guess I'm going to wait until we hear if either one sounds noticeably better than the other to decide which one I'll return.

    I'm not sure which 30 I want to get....I'm leaning towards the Walmart clear. I'm surprised to hear so many people don't like the artwork, I kind of love it?
  16. Has there historically been a difference in sound with Target editions? This will be my first one
  17. My Dido arrived today, funnily enough had a sticker on the front saying Gold Disc Exclusive and I was pretty confused. Anyway, I opened it and was the silver disc.
    Not sure where that sticker came from.
  18. Have I just bought a Red vinyl from Target just because I’ve seen how Taylor vinyls increase in value an incredible amount?

    Yes, yes I have.
  19. Evermore apparently had noticeable differences between pressings, with the Target being better than the regular Canadian-made copies but worse than the French-made ones.

    Folklore's various pressings were all over the place too. Betty's Garden and Meet Me in the Mall are good, but the others have been panned.
  20. It's not a common thing for Target or anything (I'm pretty sure their exclusive variants are handled by the labels anyway), but it's always possible with different variants.
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