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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. My new Sugababes’ One Touch copy right now

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  2. The only "gold" vinyl I own that kinda look like gold is Kelly Clarkson Breakaway by UO. It has this little shine to it. All other just look like really bad mustard or shitty shade of brown.
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  3. The Titanic soundtrack is gold gold, as well.
  4. I remember seeing good things about the gold colour of Mariah’s Butterfly too, unless I’m mistaken.
  5. It is possible to make a decent looking reflective chrome/silver record. Marilyn managed it back in the 80s but I've never seen another one since.


    Technically it's actually a picture disc, with labels attached on the outside and a piece of silver foil inside instead of a photo. Still, it looks better than the grey that passes for silver these days. They could probably do the same with gold foil too.
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  6. The Dedicated Sibe B vinyl is pretty silver as well, relatively speaking anyway.
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  7. There are actually good examples of gold vinyl. Mariah's Butterfly comes to mind. It's gorgeous and legitimately looks like honey (in contrast the Emancipation "gold" vinyl is back to that ugly yellow). I just think these labels don't care that much, since they're going to sell regardless.

  8. Mariah’s Butterfly (UO) is a gorgeous pressing indeed. And it’s just like Honey.

    edit: @mindtrappa dd
  9. Mandy Moore's "Silver Landings" silver vinyl was interesting too. Very swirly, almost gray but has some shine to it.

  10. yeah, this is one I sadly missed out on and regret but, alas, was poor at the time! Sad!
  11. The gold copies of Little Boots' Hands reissue (of which I am insanely lucky enough to own a copy... by complete accident!) are nice too. They're more on the brown end of gold than yellow, but metallic enough that they are definitely gold.
    This is closer to the shade I was expecting from Fever. I think the discs are just too dark; the silver/gray used on the art is much lighter.
    Ugh this is so beautiful. Mariah('s people) came through yet again, it seems.

  12. This is one in my collection. Gabby Barrett's album is super gold and almost a little glittery too.
  13. Black is the best variant.
  14. Can't mess that up, unless someone sticks the label wrong or puts the wrong album on it...
  15. How did that get passed Madonna's Quality Assurance for Revel Heart?! So stupid
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  16. Jesy Nelson would agree, or maybe not.
  17. Got my Fever - glad to have pre-ordered the white one as looks great. There was some minor clicking in the first track but only really audible in between the tracks, pressing otherwise sounded pretty great to me!
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  18. Listening to my Fever and, like others, I’m suffering at the hand of the skipping, which I’m really, really disappointed by. After such a long time of waiting for a repress of what’s one of my favourite albums ever, I feel a little deflated that one side of the record is borderline unlistenable.
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  19. Weird that Fever is skipping for so many. My original white vinyl from Sainsbury’s sounds amazing so it’s a shame something seems to have gone wrong this time around.

    I don’t know whether to open my silver copy or keep it sealed.
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  20. Stopped by Fopp and picked up a copy of Haim. Just spent the evening updating my discogs (perhaps in prep for a potential 2nd Annual PJ Secret Santa @HeartSwells) and some pleasant suprises of increased value on a few ones like Cocteau Twins and a Calvin Harris (somehow signed) copy of Funk Wavs.
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