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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. No problems with the white Fever pressing here, plays fine. Wish it included the original Come Into My World instead of the single version though.
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  2. I have the Sainsbury’s pressing and it plays great
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  3. Same. I have played my copy several times without any problems. Still waiting for the silver one to arrive though.
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  4. Sound quality isn't the best but in terms of physical playback, it's fine.
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  5. My silver Fever and signed lithograph arrived!

    The print is really thick and high quality and her signature looks great. Can’t wit to get it framed.
  6. Not that I recall.
  7. My white copy of Fever came today, plays fine, no pops, skips or anything. I’m no audiophile but it sounds great to me. Really happy to finally have a copy!
  8. The reply from my local indie re. Love For Sale:

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  9. My order from Lorde's webstore came in the mail today. I howled at the fact that the records were not sealed but rather came with some PVC sleeve that you can just open and put it back in. Didn't see it coming that her environmentalism could literally mean anything.
  10. Whew, that album just came and went huh
  11. In my case it came and sat in post for 3 whole months because we went into lockdown. Delayed trauma.
  12. Pretty sure the thin plastic cover on Solar Power is compostable. Think Ellie Goulding’s Brightest Blue did something similar.
  13. Apologies for the double posts but Beyonce's 'B'Day' just arrived and how did I never realise that the standard edition is only ten songs and there's like one ballad on there? She served up a TRIUMPH.
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  14. I think it's the Beyoncé album I love most. She went in and it shows. The energy of this is top level. The Deluxe killed that vibe with the extra tracks. The original version is immaculate.
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  15. Where did you order yours from? I finally caved in and ordered last week! The standard cover > deluxe by a mile!!
  16. I think it was Amazon last month? For £36.99
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  17. Sam


    Girls I’m wet
  18. Need this so much!!!
  19. Overcome was the first album I stanned LOL. I have been trying to find the original version of All Night Long everywhere but can't find it! I'll have to rip it from the CD somehow.
  20. As long as they release it with the original artwork; Alexandra looks incredible.
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