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Just had an Email from VinylMePlease

We are emailing you to alert you to a change in how we charge your membership and store orders.

If you are receiving this email, it's because the EU Mandate regarding the modernization of VAT charges will directly impact your account. As such, we are legally required to collect VAT fees upfront in order to ensure your shipments get through the EU customs system without a) being held up and b) suffering any additional fees.

Effective immediately, you will see VAT added to the price reflected on the last page of checkout for store purchases or on your membership page before your next renewal charge. Please note that if your membership is not up for renewal, you will not see that additional charge until your renewal date.

To hopefully make this sting a little less, we are including a coupon for 25% off in the store, which you can use at any time

For additional information surrounding the new law, you can check out this link as well.

If you have any questions about this recent change, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we can get things cleared up for you.

All the best!

-VMP Team
Was happy to take the risk of being caught for vat because they normally got through without any problem. But thats me not renewing my subscription…
So far only available on her German Webstore:


Katy Perry - Cozy Little Christmas 7”
Not sure if repress as it wasn’t from amazon direct, seller/store in Germany or Amsterdam I think.
German Amazon always had it available somewhere between 28 and 44 Euro basically. I felt like it isn't as readily available as it was but it also doesn't feel like a proper repress.

Beyoncé seems to have some vinyls pressed way above demand - B'Day being available most of the time, Lemonade too, Homecoming even being discounted - with others being nowhere to be seen ever. Would be great if she'd just make everything available again because they'll always sell a bit.

Also The Gift's cover needs to be big. Underrated album, brillant cover (which was made by a German artist by the way). Imagine Bey's team calling you requesting some art. Amazing.
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It’d be interesting to know which turntables people are using to play Kylie’s Fever, as I’ve listened to several copies at friends houses and we haven’t experienced any skipping. Not saying there isn’t a pressing issue, but I remember my starter turntable years ago would skip on certain records, but then play perfectly fine when I upgraded,
It’s like the starter turntable couldn’t handle the low end of the frequency.
My worst experience with a new vinyl pressing has been Siouxsie and the Banshees Rapture album, it just sounds distorted and awful and judging by Discogs it’s definitely a pressing issue, a high end turntable can’t fix it, which is such a shame as it was one of the most wanted represses and hasn’t been fixed.
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Anxiously awaiting the December 3rd release of the Ariana Grande color vinyl variants. I ordered them from, but I'm in the US. Do they have fast shipping to the states usually?