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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Thanks, i think I’ll have to grab this as the 20 pressing was really nicely done but I really want the original versions.

    Not sure what the flip flops are about?! Any ideas?
  2. Ordered this immediately. A dream come true. Thank you so much!
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  3. u can order also without those slippers. has it only for 26,99€ Amazon for 28,99€
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  5. She wants £40 for that

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  6. The £50 for the ‘CD box’ which is just a digipak and a few pieces of paper is worse.
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  7. Do you think Ari's Deluxe will be available everywhere else?
  8. And you all said Solar Power had no impact.
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  9. It’s on recordstore now, I would presume it will go up in other places.
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  10. Yeah not gonna rush for this one. The standard edition ended up in lots of sales and I can’t see them limiting pressings of this one either. Especially now that they’ve repressed all the colour pressings too.
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  11. My KT Tunstall Tiger Suit vinyl arrived this morning. The artwork looks beautiful. The green vinyl is pretty neon, and I'd say the pink is a muted version of neon (think Little Mix Glory Days neon vinyl, but a couple colour shades down?)
    Can't wait to play it!
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  12. Prices for things lately are getting completely out of control. I’m so glad I’ve cut back what I buy because I honestly think if I bought everything I was interested in I’d end up bloody bankrupt! £40 a pop now for most vinyl…
  13. Ouch - she’s charging £26 for a 7” single
  14. I do agree. It's so hard not to buy everything you want but then I have to give myself a reality check often and question 'do I REALLY need this?'
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  15. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    The last records I bought were Halsey during mid-September and then Slayyyter two months ago. Not only is quality dipping overall but labels overpricing mediocre, lazy designs is frustrating. At this point I’ll start downloading in FLAC and AirPlaying to my sound system instead.
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  16. Yeah I agree with this! The prices are creeping up year on year and the quality is dipping, with a few expertly done releases being the exception.

    Im a massive Ionnalee fan but even I have passed on that EABF re-press. It’s pricy and I’ve got the original 1st pressing so do I need it? No.

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  17. Discogs says I bought 59 records last year and 42 so far this year

    so much for drastically reducing my spending nn
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