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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Hi all, it's November and we're reopening the Popjustice Secret Santa!

    I've created an online form to fill out that should gather all the information your Secret Santa needs.


    Recommended budget is £20, and once again if I sense anyone is acting in bad faith I won't be afraid to expose them on the forum and/or inform mods if they want to get involved.

    For now the deadline to join is 15th November, I'll post reminders in the thread throughout the next couple of weeks. The form should send your email a copy of your answers, if you're unsure if it's gone through, you want to edit your answers, or that you don't want to use the form, then please send me a PM.
  2. I just... the UO 12" singles from last year are still collecting dust in their sale section (and the Liam Payne exclusive sold poorly) and they decided to do it again?? For the same flop artists? At least have the decency to add b-sides or make them 7" (though I understand the selling point is the big artwork).
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  3. Some of the singles from last year have been in the clearance section on their site since two weeks after they dropped. Why did they even see a need to do it again? Release a compilation with all the singles or something instead.
  4. The wailing and gnashing of teeth over the number of Little Mix and Kacey variants really looks a bit silly now, doesn't it!
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  5. If only it was @Dark Ballet to handle these surprise single drops, we wouldn’t be sitting here looking at UO like “Who asked for those?”.
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  6. Can I live?!
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  7. Judging from the preview picture the disc has radio edit on one side and extended version on the other. What a waste. I mean seriously who asked for this?? Just do the damn album.
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  8. And none of them are My Head & My Heart... forshame.
  9. This was so much fun last year! I’m in!
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  10. Not to mention a Liam Payne single that already had a vinyl release last month.
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  11. Release Loose cowards
  12. The thing is those UO singles are literally wall hangings, they don't even need to fucking press music on them because they won't be played. It's infuriating delays can/will be extended because of this shit.
  13. Hyd’s (formerly QT) EP will be released on lime vinyl. Ltd. 500.

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  14. I do get the frustration with UO but there are a few gems - everything i wanted stands out for me last year.

    I mean sure you could cut out some of the fluff but assuming each has 10,000 pressings this is causing 110,000 records - won’t Ed Sheeran sell that in 1 week? I suppose the point I’m trying to make is it’s a combined issue where there’s not one thing to blame or resolution to ease the pressure.
  15. My frustration is mainly with items that don’t sell, and the previous UO 11/11 titles weren’t exactly flying off the shelves… but perhaps this time they’ll have a better idea on quantity.
  16. RMK


    I'm not really mad at UO, once a year, doing limited edition single releases. 12" is ridiculous, but artists having eighteen color variants for every new album they release feels like more of the problem.
  17. Anywhere I can still get the Nicki Minaj 3LP in the UK? Sold out on Recordstore and Sound of Vinyl
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