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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

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    3xLP Pink Friday
    Amazon UK
    Amazon US

    Unavailable right now but these links usually update
  3. I don’t think this albums been mentioned yet, but I’m excited for the yeule album out in February. Gutted I missed the Rough Trade hand-painted edition.

    There’ll be a clear/red marble version (label exclusive), as well as a green “antifreeze” edition for indies.

    Don’t Be So Hard on Your Own Beauty has quickly become one of my favourites of the year, such a breezy yet affecting listen. If you told me it was Grimes I would’ve believed you.

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    Let’s not recall the UO Lotus nightmare.
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  6. So excited for this. I actually managed to snag a hand-painted copy somehow - which is rare for me ddd. The single is incredible.
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  8. Although I’m trying to cut back on my vinyl consumption lately, I decided I should have a Christmas record in my collection and obviously chose Wrapped In Red. And it being $17 on Amazon with next day delivery? Seals the deal
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  9. How came up with the idea of replacing a great cover with the most exchangeable bore one can imagine? You have Christina Aguilera’s album, an icon, a diva, and you decide to go with plain red and a snowflake? Worms.
  10. The thing is these releases take up retail space for ages. Last time I was inside a UO store, these singles took up about 1/4th of the shelves, display spaces that could've been given to smaller artists that may actually sell.

    Landfill indie hive rise! Franz Ferdinand's best of on gold vinyl is cute!
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  11. Oh wow! Didn't even know this was happening. Lemme check out the tracklist real quick.

    WaiT. Two Stuart Price tracks? Gays won!
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  12. I prefer the indies Red exclusive. Monorail have signed copies of it.
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  13. I ordered the Anti Freeze but am now regretting as i prefer the other!
    her last album is one of my most played of the year 9and i got the clear vinyl for about £5 on ebay i think)
  14. I can’t believe that Jessie Ware - Valentine 7” sold out already. She put the post up 20 minutes ago.
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  15. The way it let me go through the complete PayPal process only to say “sold out” in the literally very last step.

  16. Michael Jackson’s Dangerous, double red variant album, has just gone on sale at Sound of Vinyl for £65. For a double album. I mean I know nobody here is likely to go near this particular album, but…how are these price increases sustainable? It was just a few months ago that £38 for Billie’s double album seemed obscene.
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  17. I’ve just seen that. It’s disgusting to be honest. There is NO reason why a 2LP record should be £65.
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  18. I’d have definitely considered it if not for the ridiculous price.
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