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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. I just got one too and so far it sounds wonderful. No bouncing around. Pleased I went for it in the end.
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  2. My box set has arrived and I've just put it straight onto the shelf. Slightly too giddy to touch it properly right now. I love this album so much. Androgyny, Shut Your Mouth, and Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!) were released just when I had moved to the UK for the first time, and they were part of my cathartic release into queer freedom.
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  3. Just reposting this, just in case it was missed!
  4. I ended up buying Whitney’s new greatest hits even though I was reluctant due to it not featuring Step By Step and It’s Not Right But It’s Okay. I’m still bitter.
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  5. Mariah - Fantasy up for preorder on 11th Nov.

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  6. This arrived today and it's beautiful! No more YouTube rips for me!
  7. Where are my video game soundtrack [email protected]? I got my hands on this beauty today and it looks and sounds amazing. Clear with black + gold swirl and blue translucent with silver swirl. Matte cover with embossed details. And gatefold, of course.

    When will our pop girls?
  8. Tried to fill this in earlier and it made me realise I don’t even have a favourite album release this year?
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  9. Might be a bit late to mention, but finally got round to playing my Kylie - 20th Anniversary white vinyl and ABBA - voyage yellow vinyl, and both sound good with no defects.
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  10. Really? I listed so many!

    SOUR, MONTERO, Blue Weekend, 333, Planet Her, What the Future Holds pt 2, Happier Than Ever, Star-Crossed, Voyage, If I Could Make It Go Quiet are just some that I have listed.
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  11. I make playlists every month for what I love on Spotify and honestly it’s mainly just singles! I feel like my more anticipated releases are coming up in Q4.
  12. Mine arrived yesterday. Spinning Plastic Love on vinyl finally

  13. I've just had a refund for £33.94 from Universal Music Group, but no email about what this relates to.

    Had a quick search for this amount in my email and it seems to be the NOW Christmas 3 x LP set I ordered from Sound Of Vinyl.

    Do we know if this has been cancelled? My order still says pending...
  14. Does anyone know what the 10th Anniversary Born This Way vinyl box set due to be realised on 10 December will contain? And if it's worth the buy? (Details are a bit scant online!) Thanks very much.

    Born This Way: The Tenth Anniversary
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  16. Contains the original album (2LP) and the six reimagined tracks from the anniversary release (1LP).


    There's also a 2LP listed on her UK store but no one knows if this is an error and will end up being shipped as the 3LP release, as the mock-up only shows the reimagined sleeve which wouldn't be a 2LP.
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  17. I thought it included the covers album as well as the main album.
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  18. Thanks all! Much appreciated; for a second I thought I was missing something... Doh!

    While I'm here, I wonder if anyone can recommend any decent outer protective sleeves? Always keen to hear based on experience and want to keep my collection in good order. Thanks again!
  19. The original release date was delayed by a couple of weeks. My Amazon preorder still says that the release date is 12th November however
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  20. Thanks! Not sure what's going on with my order then. Will email Sound Of Vinyl.
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