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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Nice. I'll keep an eye open.
  2. The Beach House box is probably limited to like, 10K copies. It seems pretty widely available.
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  3. citypop is iconic, baby!
  4. Just found out that RSD Black Friday's Sin Miedo has been posponed. Hopefully it gets a new date soon!

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  5. Did Rina Sawayama deluxe sell out again? I'm not taking a break from making out with a friend just to check on the off-chance a months old sold out record is available again. Come on people.
  6. Not buying from Dirty Hit again. They don't cancel orders. I just received an email that my Rina Deluxe has been shipped even though I requested to cancel almost 2 days ago. Not the first time they've done this, either. It's like they receive a cancellation request then they decide to actually ship your shit out.
  7. The most exclusive variant being grey... a choice. I feel short-changed.
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  8. Had this recently with Mariah’s shop. Two weeks silence after order, I ask to cancel, I get a mail three (!) days later it’s shipped and minutes later a mail that it’s too late. Now it seems stuck in customs.

    I hate shops without a simple option to cancel. It’s so unprofessional and should be forbidden.
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  9. Seemingly, with the 12” individual picture discs being cancelled gradually due to supply issues, they are pushing the following:

  10. My Aly and AJ vinyl has arrived! Didn't think it was coming today. It looks so nice!
  11. My Rina Sawayama vinyl has finally arrived but it came with this… does anyone have any idea who this is or why it’s part of my package?

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  12. Looks like Pales Waves to me. It must be the promised free gift due to the pressing delay.
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  13. Well at least you got that. I got a sticker…
  14. Not Dirty Hit sending with the Rina vinyls a signed cart from another band ddd
  15. I got a sticker and the signed photo. I was so incredibly confused by the picture.
  16. One of my older emails mentions the Pale Waves card so I think this was always meant to be included?


    Still though, the whole thing is very

  17. Pale Waves?

    I don’t know her.

    what a weird thing to do
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  18. I removed that card from my order back when I placed it in around July

    So what's the "special gift from Rina" for the delays?
  19. Maybe I can bundle it with the Pale Waves vinyl I've been trying to sell on eBay for the past 2 month.
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  20. I also got a holographic Rina sticker…
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