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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Really happy to hear it's 45 rpm! Hopefully that prevents IGD, which Fearless TV was full of for me.
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  2. Will be closing this tomorrow at noon (UK time), and hope to get PMs sent out same evening or sometime on Wednesday. Got a few more people, so just a final reminder!
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  3. Per Urban Legends, The Nicki Minaj Pink Friday vinyls are delayed until 2/25/22 at the earliest due to manufacturer delays.
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  4. Rough Trade year end list should be out tomorrow, not sure on times but I’ve found hidden images for Japanese Breakfast (green vinyl) and Cassandra Jenkins (teal), hoping that we’ll get some sort of extras or live 12” for both of them like last year’s Sawayama Remix or Copycat Killer 12”s.
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  5. Is that why they’ve stopped selling them nn
  6. Looking forward to trying All Too Well (13 minute version).

  7. OMG imagine being a vinyl collector and not knowing what 45rpm and 33rpm are.
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  8. The thought that they're going to have to start selling vinyls with instruction leaflets.

  9. Also the music would be at the wrong speed. Did they think that's what Taylors version did?

    Sang by a man and slowed down the tempo?

    200 (2).gif
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  10. The bubble has to burst. Has to, has to!
  11. I finally bought some some protective sleeves and they are not how the company that makes them are advertising them at all. They say they are crystal clear not cloudy and they are…….cloudy as could be. They are fine for the ones I don’t display but I might just get frames for those ones. I can’t get them to stop bowing just sitting on a shelf and thought the sleeves would help.
  12. My stomach hurts laughing but my god !!!!
  13. When I first played the latest Aly and AJ album I just put it on and started playing and didn’t even think about the rpm. So to my surprise when it started playing very slowly?
    My first thought wasn’t that the songs were being sung by a man, it was the rpm, and checked and it was a 45.
  14. Once realised I’d put Mariah’s Caution on at 45rpm instead of 33 but left it because it kind of gave a PC Music vibe to the songs dd
  15. Was Anastacia by Anastacia ever released on vinyl?
    I've searched the Internet and can't find any 'record' of it.
  16. Remember when the press said Kylie was Rick Astley vocals sped up when I Should Be So Lucky was released.
    You do not but hey.
  17. Saddly no. Only the first album and the A4App live compilation album were released on vinyl format.
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  18. My first listen to Charli was playing my vinyl at 33rpm instead of 45rpm and it took me a minute to realise I was playing it on the wrong speed. A reverse Careyian expedition.
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  19. There's also Stackry, if that helps. If it's a re-ship, then courier company will just declare the value of the shipping, so you can get <£135 worth of shipping costs through in one order, hopefully.
    After the fiasco of my involvement last year, I think it's best I bow out this year. Lest there's a repeat performance.
    45s are rarely used these days. And Amazon/Crossley/UO are hardly going to explain the difference to you.
    Don't search the internet, use As can be seen here (, no vinyl release to date.
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  20. It's doing the rounds on twitter that Impossible Princess is being pressed by VMP and to be announced soon.
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