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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. The fork doesn't look that big.
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  2. You
    The monthly albums never really appeal to me, it’s their store exclusive that I keep an eye on, so I usually swap for credit. Bear in mind you can change store credit to membership credit - so essentially if you just kept swapping for credits you wouldn’t have to pay anything when your membership is due for renewal.
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  3. My local store in Hoboken has RSD bins that are 50% off. I just snagged Amy Winehouse’s 2LP remixes for $15, happy thanksgiving after all.

    The colors of the records are GORGEOUS.
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  4. Pat


    Where is this one available?
  5. Amazon US.
  6. I usually stop my membership and come back when they have something I want, which was the gorgeous Usher release this month.
  7. Pat


    Ah found it! Do we know if this will have the standard or deluxe tracklisting? Can't really find it on the product page.
  8. It's probably standard; I've ordered it from the US site for now but will cancel once this pops up in the UK.
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  9. Gaydio have the first play of a Behind Cinderella’s Eyes track and an interview with Nicola this morning. Should be happening pretty soon.
  10. Listening now! Thank you
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  12. It's £42 in UK!
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  14. There does seem to be some bargains in the mix. Laura Mvula orange vinyl for 13 quid? That’s a steal!
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  15. These are the only ones I could find that seemed to be reasonable with the discount.

    Garbage - No Gods No Masters

    (Neon Green)

    Laura Mvula - Pink Noise (orange)

    Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure Deluxe 2XLP

    Ariana Grande - Positions (glow in dark)

    Kacey Musgraves - Star-Crossed (red)
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  16. Yes to all of these, plus the mint/turquoise Step Back In Time by Kylie which is selling for a strangely high amount on Discogs.
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  17. Ooh this has just clinched it for me to snatch up
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