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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Manifesting Vinyl Me Please re-releasing Kanye's first three albums on colour vinyl. It needs to happen. It's mad that Graduation still doesn't have an official pressing.
  2. That moment when you order from Banquet not knowing if your vinyl of choice is in stock or whether your money's been snatched and you'll be left in the dark waiting 3 weeks for a follow up response over email.
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  4. Anyone want to do a group buy of Scissor Sisters Magic Hour? I’m thinking of purchasing it later today.

    @Jacques @Voicething @Square
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  5. So a bit of self promotion here, I’m looking to unload a big bulk of my collection. Here are the main ones I’m selling right now. If you see something you like I might be able to lower the price. Thanks.
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  6. What if you got a Russian PJer to receive them and then send them over to you all?

    Maybe Sophie Ellis-Bector could do this too?
  7. I’ll definitely get involved, I’ve got a friend who wants one too!
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  8. I'm sure addictionvinyl said the websites European store would be going LIVE in January so the cost of postage may come down.
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  9. Thank you to whoever bought me Dagny 'Strangers/Lovers' for my Secret Santa. I had only heard of 'Somebody' before and didn't delve back into her but I have been playing this nonstop.

    To be honest, im confused why I didn't go back and check the album when it came out.

    I find I'm hard to buy for so thank you, you absolutely nailed it.

    P.s my Secret Santa selection is getting delivered today.

    Thanks again for organising this @HeartSwells you beaut.

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  10. Ooh ok that’s good to know. Maybe I’ll hold off a few weeks.
  11. Re: Scissor Sisters - it looks like we’d have to pay tax on delivery if ordering more than 2 at a time as including postage it would be above the £130 ish limit, so not worth a big group buy, however a) Maschina have said they are launching a new EU store in January which should have cheaper postage, b) they replied to an Insta comment yesterday saying the price was so high because the customer had selected the UPS shipping instead of cheaper registered mail - obviously that’s not an option, but their wording made it sound like it was supposed to be, so maybe that’s a mistake and they’ll correct that in the next few days?
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  12. Yeah definitely best to hold off and see if there’s a cheaper option. I hope it’s not limited stock.
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  13. Good to know about them launching a EU store. I'm still holding off buying Aquarium
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  15. Aw fabulous, this was me. I'm so glad you liked it! I spied Jessie Ware and Dua on your Instagram and I thought this was a similar vibe that I've been listening to in 2021! Phew. So glad you approve! Merry Christmas ! X
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  16. Norweigan/Scandi pop is always a win. Merry Christmas to you too gorge x
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  18. Does anyone know where to get Charli's True Romance? I'm furious that the price has skyrocketed for such a subpar pressing.
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  19. That's been impossible to get for years. I had a back order pending for 2.5+ years until I cancelled it recently because the store itself said they had no idea if it was even deleted or not, couldn't get a wholesale reply. We're completely stuck here unless she chooses to repress herself. Which I highly doubt she will.
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