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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

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  3. For those who have the UO Pressings of Hollywood Records back catalogue (selena, miley, demi etc), do you think it worth the value or nah? I'm considering buy one of those but it's so expensive and basic, idk
  4. Has anyone preordered Dawn FM off the official Weeknd store and do they take the money straight away?
  5. They're the most bare-bones, low effort pressings & a lot of them don't sound great so it really depends on how much you care about having them in your collection.
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  6. They charge right away
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  7. Don't know who was looking for it, but there are a couple of copies of Lana's Blue Banisters in the HMV Vault in Birmingham.
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  8. Anyone from the UK wanna ship a copy my way, please? I'm desperate at this point ddd.
  9. [​IMG]

    I couldn’t hold out any longer - this was essential! Got it for a reasonable price too
  10. I have some and the discs do look really pretty and in my opinion sound pretty good for what they are - but the packaging is super basic and I personally wouldn't pay more than around £30ish for them - if you really want it then I would say go for it but don't expect a masterwork.
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  11. But why the foam insert!!!!!!
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  12. I had such blue balls today in New York City. Barnes & Noble Union Square said it was in stock in store, and when I got there, they said they couldn't find it (I had looked on the racks, they had "Violets" & "Chemtrails" in stock... not Banisters... ugh).
  13. Does the UK store ship to you? They still have black copies.
  14. Oh! I thought this was about the Target/HMV-exclusive one that they somehow decided to just not sell in the EU ddd. Sorry for the confusion.
  15. The way I bought this a year ago and still haven't listened to it yet.
  16. Girl. If I had Lovers Rock on vinyl that would never leave the platter dd
  17. I've already played the first 4 albums!

    Love Deluxe is one of the best albums of all time
  18. They probably miscalculated the box and had to add the foam so that the LPs do not damage each other, though the 'new LP will fit there' fantasy is salvo cute.
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  19. Sometimes I stroke the box. It's textured.
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