Vinyljustice 2.0

I just got a new cartridge for my turntable (was honestly really disappointed with the one that came installed on it), and whew it sounds amazing. Some records had bad inner-groove distortion, and it's pretty much gone.
It's definitely worth the money, I hope they are genuine about it being "limited" though and it's not in the sale in a couple of months!
Definitely worth it, it's near enough the same price buying Extended Mixes and Disco Guest List Edition together. I reckon it's left over stock, either from cancelled orders or contingency copies.
I know a couple of people have mentioned Blue Banisters and my local record shop has a copy so if anybody’s interested I could pick it up for them. I’m in the states so just send me a PM if interested!
Just going through my vinyl purchases from last year and I'm actually quite shocked how quickly they sell out recently. Some albums released in October appear to be sold out.