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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. I guess the pressing plants were busy pressing Adele, Ed and Abba for the last 6 months of 2021.
  2. They've probably started the RSD pressings now.
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  5. Just popped on the VMP repressing of Sigur Ros that arrived - it is sublime.

    (Also randomly found a copy of Nao’s For All We Know on green at Reckless in Soho that I was on the hunt for, blessed)
  6. A random one but Rough Trade currently has KT Tunstall’s Tiger Suit rerelease for £19.99. They also still have the limited edition Drastic Fantastic on sale.
  7. aux


    I'm going to sell my other liver so I can afford buying Utada's discography on vinyl.

  8. Maybe if I pray hard enough one day I'll see Dignity and Breathe in Breathe out on vinyl.
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  9. Camp Cope have a new album out in March, first couple of songs from it are some real nice country-tinged pop-rock. Put out by Run For Cover records, who are one of my favs.

    RFC have a violet in blue, ltd to 200, normal retail is neon violet (ltd to 4.5k).
    Pink with White Splatter vinyl limited to 200 copies (Specialist Subject Exclusive)
    Half Pink / Half Silver vinyl limited to 200 copies (Rough Trade Exclusive)
    Pink & Purple Swirl vinyl limited to 300 copies (Vinyl Me, Please Exclusive)
    Pink & Clear Spinner vinyl limited to 300 copies (Newbury Comics Exclusive)
    Pink & Clear Moon Phase vinyl limited to 300 copies (BrooklynVegan Exclusive)

    Have a feeling Hatchie will announce an album this afternoon with the video launch.
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  10. She has! I can only find one pre-order for the indies-only coloured vinyl but I presume other exclusives will be announced later. Secretly has a "radioactive" vinyl and a Secretly Society exclusive "strawberry shortcake splash":

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  11. I really want those on vinyl, they are so good.
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  12. Yas, Secretly Society remains iconic.
  13. The day someone posts about We Don’t Stop by Aly & AJ finally going on sale… I can’t wait!
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  14. My poor wallet between this and their Sanctuary exclusive vinyl
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  15. Hatchie variants so far:

    Radioactive: Secretly Store / Artist exclusive.
    Strawberry swirl: Secrety Society subscription.
    Coke bottle clear: indie exclusive.
    Frosted blue: Dinked edition, includes signed photo card plus the download card provides four additional tracks. Ltd to 400.
    Signed copies: Sanity AU store.

    Wouldn't be surprised to see VMP sneak in with one this afternoon.
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  16. Dang, you can't order the blue Hatchie online.
  17. Snagged the Dinked version of Hatchie. In love with Quicksand.

    Might do the Secretly Society 3 month plan so I can snatch Mitski + that strawberry splash variant. Why am I like this.
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  18. I'm screaming, what is this dd. This is actually being issued as a vinyl cover, not just in the art exhibit?
  19. Do you have the link for the dinked edition? I can't seem to find it on Google.
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