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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Only these shops sell it - Banquet is out of stock already but a few others (like Pie And Vinyl and Assai) have still got them left!
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  2. If you're in the US, I would order from Norman Records for the Hatchie Dinked. $42 including tax + shipping - the cheapest I've found.
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  3. Thanks! I got it from my local Piccadilly Records.
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  4. Do you guys think there's a chance that Haim's Days Are Gone will ever get a reissue? It's impossible to find other than some steep prices from resellers. Something To Tell You was reissued like a year or two ago IIRC.
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  5. Just a heads up, if anyone's interested in Vinyl Me Please, they change to February's track tomorrow, which is Grimes' Visions.

    They also released exclusive variants today for Hatchie (/500), Jenny Hval (/500), and Chelsea Jade (/300).

    I plan to sign up tomorrow to get Grimes + all 3 of those. And then I am shredding my credit cards.
  6. The Chelsea Jade single sounds promising, and a @NecessaryVoodoo recommendation is never wrong. Rough Trade have a yellow variant, but the silver is perfect for the cover.

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  7. It’ll come back eventually, they’ll probably come back around the same time WIMPIII does. I reckon it’ll be due a coloured pressing one day too.
  8. Utada Hikaru - Hatsukoi has gone on sale from Amazon France for virtually the same price as it's on pre-order in Japan. Just that one, strangely, no other pre-orders are live yet.
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  10. Damn, I know Dinked Editions go quickly, but Hatchie was completely sold out within a few hours.
  11. Well I'm glad my favourite one is the "radioactive" variant nn.

    Edit: actually the red is really nice and the Secretly subscription for 3 months would included Mitski too. Why isn't anything listed for March though?
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  12. Gypsy Woman on wax will be the highlight of the year for me, I just know it.
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  13. Either it’s an album yet to be announced, or they’re facing pressing issues and have yet to say how they’ll handle it.
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  14. I played Chemtrails cobalt blue and there's an obscene amount of static - anyone else experience this? Probably my worst sounding LP
  15. Flemish queens of pop K3's new album will be manufactured by "Green Vinyl Records".

    Excited to see if this is the future for records. It's coming out 4 months after it was recorded so it's at the very least faster than what we're used to lately.​
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  16. Phoebe Bridgers getting wind of this and ordering another 20 trash sounding variant represses to clog up the system

  17. Taylor Swift announced as the Record Store Day 2022 Global Ambassador!
  18. I wonder what Taylor will be releasing - maybe a cute variant of 1989 TV? I bought Speak Now the other day so there better not be an amazing variant of that LP dd
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