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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. I wonder what Taylor will be releasing - maybe a cute variant of 1989 TV? I bought Speak Now the other day so there better not be an amazing variant of that LP dd
  2. 10 Minute Version on 10" x
  3. [​IMG]

    Meanwhile this VMP Classic next month? Can't wait to wear it out.
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  4. [Insert Lorde joke here]
    This is exactly what it will be. Though an oversized 13" record would be kind of iconic and I wouldn't put it past her.
  5. Oh my god really? When is it released? Is it available for new VMP members like when I signed up just to get Kala?
  6. Oh, shit, I'm useless at all this stuff. @HeartSwells, hjalp?
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  7. New round of VMP actually opens today, don’t subscribe until after 5pm. I think the website will refresh and let you pick it as your first record, it’s an album of the month just like Kala was, but make sure you sign up on the “classics” track, if you go with Essentials you’ll end up with Grimes, which isn’t the end of the world I guess. Or get both!

    it also looks like they’ve repressed Rico Nasty’s Nasty and it’ll be available as a swap option, if anyone was interested.
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  8. Not Taylor and the Swifties infiltrating Record Store Day.. enough.
  9. I can't say enough good things about this cartridge upgrade I just got, I highly recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade theirs but don't want to spend a fortune:

    It's opening up the sound so much, making me notice elements in songs I haven't heard before, and even makes subpar pressings sound good. Taylor's Speak Now had been sitting on my shelf collecting dust because it sounded terrible on my old one, but I'm listening with this new cartridge and it sounds great.
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  10. welp it's sold out, so that makes it easier!
  11. I really only want the original album, the re-recording was terrible.
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  12. she’s carrying
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  13. It’s one of my favorite albums (the original) but the basic shipping to UK being the same cost as the album isn’t the one!

    She even says on her instagram profile U.K in spirit but makes it standard edition £46 for her U.K fans…
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  14. I remember reading (here?) that Loose might not have been reissued as it’s on Timbaland’s imprint label and therefore the rights might not be granted, but the NTWRK series of Interscope reissues includes Shock Value, so at least we know they’re capable of reissuing titles from Mosley Music Group.
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  15. The pressing plant after the order comes in:

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  16. I had the signed version in my basket yesterday, but I don't love this album enough to spend that much. Hotel Paper however...
  17. The artwork for Interscope’s 30th anniversary vinyl series has been revealed on the NTWRK app. Here’s a handful that I’m eyeing. They all feature new gicleé printed covers reimagined and signed by fine artists in a custom dyed linen-wrapped vinyl jacket designed by Gucci. Supposedly they’re limited to 2,500 but I can’t find a mention of that anywhere. There’s other albums by Gaga, Lana, and Billie on the app.

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