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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

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  2. That's very tempting, although I still need to collect her individual albums.
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  4. The best part about this is I keep forgetting it, so every time I open the thread it's there like a nice surprise to make me do a spit-take all over again.
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  5. Libra and The Best of Brandy will be my first vinyl purchases in a while! Look forward to those.

    Can't believe the Aaliyah stuff is STILL months away.
  6. Why is there such a big delay for Sweetener peaches in the UK when the US ones have already been delivered? Still waiting on Dangerous Woman and thank u next too
  7. Is the red the same edition everywhere, or is it red on thesoundofvinyl and black on Amazon?
  8. I think everywhere is getting “fruit punch” colour… so I’m expecting a murky red/brown that matches the colour.
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  10. Thanks for the heads up but.. so annoying! It seems they’re currently not allowing it to be shipped to the UK. I’m determined to not pay a ridiculous price on another site.
  11. This seems a funny choice of release as I don't remember it being particularly popular at the time!

    Wonder why they didn't go with any other of her albums. The Heat seems the most obvious choice.
  12. The Heat is different label.
  13. It’s just Barry Hankerson finally releasing Blackground Records catalogue.
  14. That Rihanna albums box set is at least £500 now. Should've just bought it two years ago when it was a couple of hundred less.
  15. £99.99 on Sound Of Vinyl…

    I too wish I’d bought another haha.
  16. Do you have a link?
  17. That's how much it was on that website back in 2017 when they had an unbelievable sale. So many box sets were reduced to low prices, Maroon 5 complete discography box set was £10! You don't see sales like that anymore.
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  18. [sits on hands]
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