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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. The first editions on CD stated the Darkchild Remix, but it was the album version (a typo in many editions). Hope it's the original!
  2. Ooooh really want My Prerogative!

    16. (I've Just Begun) Having My Fun (Bonus Track)
    17. Do Somethin'

  3. Looks like I’ll be buying my first Britney vinyl for my collection!
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  4. Wait at a Britney vinyl finally turning my head. My Prerogative is an iconic moment that I would be most pleased to have on vinyl.
  5. Hi all, so after just collecting vinyl records for a year I'm finally investing in actual players / speakers dd. I'm thinking of getting this one - it seems like the most hassle-free way to get everything that I need to get (amps, speakers etc.).

    I was originally thinking of getting Rega Planar 2 but yeah... help!
  6. There was a post at the start of the original vinyljustice thread.

    Here it is, cannot quote it.
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  7. The US version actually did have the Darkchild remix though.
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  8. This is exactly the one I have, I love it. Only thing I hate is the fact the arm doesn't return to it's place when the side is done playing.
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  9. [​IMG]

    Was hoping this wasn't the case. But I've preordered anyway.
    To make this perfect they should have had the album version, Born To Make You Happy and the Chris Cox Megamix. What a moment that was. Peak 2004.
  10. Original>>>>>>>>>>>>>Darkchild Remix
  11. As much as I prefer the album versions of both Overprotected and Boys, it's nice for everyone who's bought the albums that these alternate mixes are pressed on the compilation. I'm so excited for the STOP! Remix of You Drive Me Crazy - if they used album versions of all the singles then we'd never get that pressed!

    Catch me in a years time reluctantly buying a pink marble splatter The Singles Collection just for 3 and Born To Make You Happy (Radio Edit)
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  12. Shop is open.

    Let me know if there's anything you're after I haven't listed. Their recent releases seem bit more expensive than usual, sorry about some of the prices.
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  13. That's from 2016, I need to update that.

    Short version, for now:

    In North America, your top/best choice, bar none, the u-turn Audio Orbit Plus:
    On a budget? Then the u-turn Audio Orbit Basic:
    [In both cases you want the built-in preamp model]


    In the UK/Europe?
    Option 1: Audio-Technica AT-LP5x:
    Option 1a: On a budget? AT-LP120XUSB:
    Option 1b: On a budget budget? AT-LP60XUSB:

    Option 2: Pro-ject Juke Box E:
    Option 2a: On a budget? Pro-ject Primary E:

    Option 3: Rega Planar 1 Plus:

    If you can afford the parent option rather than the budget alternative(s), your ears will thank you for choosing the former.

    Eagle eyed readers may notice that all options are all-in-one solutions and have in-built preamps. I've switched up my recommendations on purpose for ease of use/first time set-up, these are all plug and play. Some even have USB set-ups and/or Bluetooth connectivity for added versatility.

    For further options/alternatives, see: though this list isn't exhaustive, there are many 5* rated turntables not on it. For example my turntable, the Pro-ject Debut Carbon, newer versions the Carbon DC and Carbon EVO.

    These models, and most turntables, require a separate preamp, which you'll have to buy on top (budget for £100 or £40 with the two options below). Most major turntable brands will also do an own brand preamp. You can also read up reviews online.

    Phono Preamp Option 1: Rega Fono Mini A2D:

    Phono Preamp Option 2: On a budget? Behringer U-Phono UFO202:

    Please note that the two options lists above are mutually exclusive. If you buy one of the all-in-one turntables above, you do not need a separate phono preamp, like the two listed immediately above.

    I'm pretty sure all my previous speakers suggestions are now discontinued/out of production, and I haven't been keeping up in this area. is probably your best bet to read speaker reviews, they have different ones for desktop speakers, bluetooth/wireless speakers, and speakers for turntables, depending on your needs/preferences.

    Want turntable/speaker advice from a knowledgeable human? Contact Richer Sounds, the UK retailer. They are friendly and give information without pressure to score a sale.
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  14. Thanks for doing this again! Any chance of Goodies, now it's on sale?
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  15. Thanks! My bank account is screaming at me but I’m not listening.
  16. Thanks! ordered, I’m so excited for this, I honestly thought we’d never get it after they stated it’d be studio albums only.
  17. Done! Ideally it'll still be on sale by the time I place an order, if not I'll message you and other buyers beforehand.
  18. Amazing! Thanks so much!
  19. I have to say the AT player I have is excellent. Would highly recommend.
  20. I have ordered. Thank you once again for being an absolute hero.
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