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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. It’s the way they’ve used pretty much every color there is except for brown and pink.
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  2. Is Agnes sold out everywhere?
    I missed the boat and the magic does not exist as far as I can see.
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  3. Yeah, this is absolutely absurd. It takes the novelty out of special editions.
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  4. I mean, it's not that different from what Lana and Taylor have been doing, is it?
  5. Taylor did 8 for folklore (most of which sold out quickly), but evermore, Fearless TV and Red TV all just had two. Lana had 9 for Chemtrails, but 4 for Blue Banisters.

    folklore and Chemtrails were admittedly a lot, so 17 is a pretty big jump from both of them.
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  6. Looking at Discogs, there wasn't a decent-sounding pressing amongst those either!
  7. dd I actually think my green from Urban Outfitters sounds good! It isn’t perfect, but it’s solid. That said, it sounded much rougher before I upgraded my cartridge.
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  8. Has Lana had a decent sounding album recently?
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  9. Not with that user name. She dropped three great albums in three years.
  10. I've regretted this username multiple times and changed it in the peak of quarantine, try again!

    Also not with that avatar.
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  11. My Target edition Chemtrails sounds great!
  12. The Amazon cream/beige variant of Chemtrails sounds great to me, probably my favorite of them.
  13. I sold a copy of that RHCP album yesterday, and the guy who bought it was very confused at what a gatefold is.
  14. Yes but we like them
  15. Shame about the racism, dating police and whatever mask she was using.
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  16. (It was about decent SOUNDING albums, as in, you know, vinyl?)

    Ornery was the word @johnny_tsunami used, I believe, fuck.
  17. My red Chemtrails from HMV sounds great???
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  18. Chromatica sounds good on vinyl if we’re talking sound quality / dynamics / mastering.
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  19. Women In Music Pt. III was pretty good as well.
  20. Yeah, both my yellow UO and standard black copies sound great.
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