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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

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  1. Welcome to Vinyljustice. Maybe this will take off, maybe it won't, but with the resurgence in record collecting thought we could use a place to:

    Discuss new releases/pre-orders/dem limited editions
    Complain about prices
    Show off collections
    Share spare download codes
    Vent about lost copies of BEYONCE

    Not sure if I'll use this page opening post for anything, but you never know.



    There will be a group buy for the upcoming In The Zone release, I will be testing using Big Cartel for purchases, you can visit the site here,

    I've listed 5 things that people have requested from me so far, the package I use only allow me to post 5 listing, so if there's another record you wish to purchase please send me a PM and we can sort out other arrangements.

    The listings are currently:
    Britney - In The Zone (Anticipated to be £23)
    Kacey Musgraves - Same Trailer, Different Park (£24)
    The Pussycat Dolls - PCD (£27)
    Jonas Brothers - Happiness Begins (£27)
    Backstreet Boys - Millenium.(£22)

    If you wish to try and work out the price of any other record you wish to purchase, please use the rates in the spoiler.

    $20 = £18
    $21 = £19
    $22 = £20
    $23 = £21
    $24 = £22
    $25 = £22
    $26 = £23
    $27 = £24
    $28 = £25
    $29 = £26
    $30 = £27
    $31 = £27
    $32 = £28
    $33 = £29
    $34 = £30
    $35 = £31
    $36 = £32

    Cost of delivery
    £7 for UK (plus £1 per additional record)
    £12 for EU.(plus £2 per additional record)

    That might seem higher than usual, but I'm subsidising the import costs into the shipping, so the cost of records are cheaper but the delivery costs are more expensive.

    If you have any questions feel free to send a PM!

    Not sure what Turntable/Amp/Speakers to buy when starting out?

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  2. Been meaning to open this for a while, but couldn't think of a big enough piece of news to open with. Thankfully Universal have done us a (dis)service. Distros are sending emails out right now stating that Universal will officially be raising prices on 600+ records starting 1/9/2015. No reason is given. Could be a marketing ploy to sell left over stock, or could just be completely false. You can check the supposed list here.

    Some interesting increases:

    Amy Winehouse: Lioness ($17 to $35)
    Florence + The Machine: Ceremonials ($17 to $36)
    Katy Perry: Teenage Dream ($19 to $60?!)
    Lady Gaga: Born This Way ($20 to $36)

    Seems most of the larger increases are from 2LPs, but most are increased by a couple of dollars.

    Universal aren't all bad though, their greatofferstore still has plenty of offers left from Black Friday (I think).

    Lana's Ultraviolence picture disc boxset is up for £25, new Bombay Bicycle Club album vinyl boxset is £22.50 and Lorde's Pure Heroine LP is £10.
  3. Modern/new vinyl is so over-priced I cannot believe it. Sometimes it's *fairly* good value - like, say, 2-disc gatefold vinyl such as Stevie Nicks' 24 Karat Gold for £18 with a free download version, but those seem to be the exception. Much as I adore vinyl-sized artwork and just the look and feel of the things, I can't escape the sense that the industry has spotted a new way of extorting as much money from music fans as they can.

    All this talk of 180mg and direct from masters, and yet how can a format that was seen as so inferior 20-25 years ago, when everyone and their dog was bundling boxes of old LPs and 12"s into their boots to dump in charity shops, suddenly be the superior format of choice?

    All very strange.
  4. I paid £13 for my brand new Born This Way vinyl.

    I'm just pissed off that Kate Bush won't repress her Aerial LP, I can't afford £170+ !!
  5. I've found the mother ship.
  6. Did they probe you?
  7. I think I paid 12.99 for some new releases that's a reasonable price, especially with a download code. When they poke an actual CD version inside, that's even better, and makes a higher price more palatable (hello Tom Waits).
  8. I actually prefer CD to vinyl in general. I'll only get vinyl if it's something that's not available on CD or online, or if it's something really special, like colored vinyl or a pic disc.

    Gems in my collection:
    Betty Who - Heartbreak Dream 7" white vinyl
    Bananarama - Love Comes 2x7" pic disc - Sara / Keren
    Against Me! - Transgender Dysphoria Blues pink LP
    Lady Gaga - Born This Way 12" pic disc
    Belinda Carlisle - Vision of You 12" clear vinyl (missing the zipper pouch, SADLY)
    Eurythmics - Interview Picture Disc
    Madonna - Nobody Knows Me 12" (regular black vinyl but really rare, which I didn't even realize when I snagged it for $2)
    Belinda Carlisle - World Without You 7" box set (record, foldout, two postcards)
    Kim Wilde - Go for It 7" poster pack

    Vinyl I really need:
    Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster pic disc
    Kate Bush - Hounds of Love 10" pink vinyl EP
    Erasure - The Circus 12" singles #1 and #3 plus slipcase (I have #2 and I'm determined to get the others someday)
  9. Great thread, thanks for the tip on the Pure Heroine vinyl being on sale, I've had a huge turnaround on Lorde recently.

    I got Aphrodite on vinyl last week and it is everything.
  10. I still want Joni Mitchell's Night Ride Home on vinyl so badly. Which is stupid, because I have a perfectly good CD copy...actually, two...but I managed to get Chalk Mark on vinyl a while back (which is one of my favourite gatefolds), and I was about 5 minutes away from nabbing a nice copy of NRH, but someone just pipped me to it in a collector's store.
  11. Ah, not vinyl, but I really want the "chocolate box" edition of the Both Sides Now CD, just so I can be like Karen from Love Actually. I don't think it'll ever happen though, considering it's over $100 on Discogs!
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  12. I still have dreams of owning Mariah's Butterfly and Amy's Frank on vinyl someday. Anytime each is listed, both are about $80-$300 so, yeah, I can't really afford it but I can dream, I also really want the Memoirs boxset one day as well, what a slick package AND the records are white.

    Some other artists I'd like to own in the future (AKA after Christmas, AKA the ability to buy myself gifts again) would be Kylie (Kiss Me Once, Aphrodite), HAIM (If I Could Change Your Mind [single, each cover please]), Azealia, Hole (Live Through This, Celebrity Skin), Nirvana (In Utero), Madonna (Confessions [Pink Vinyl which I almost nabbed for $50, NEW, at a record store in Lima, OH], Amy (every single release, basically), Miley (BANGERZ) and so many more. Someone should just drop like $20,000 into my lap to invest in my collection.
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  13. It's steadily increased, tend to only go for new releases for the download codes. Spending less than £15 for new releases feels like a steal, but when it's above it's always a calculated decision. I'm a sucker for colour variations too..

    Really gutted I missed this on RSD ages ago, the new pressing with Music On Vinyl comes on purple though if you're after a coloured version. MOV have had a great year repressing loads of out of print stuff (and plenty of bargain bin stuff).
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  14. Do love a bit of vinyl. I need a decent player though - have a cheap one I bought for while I was uni but the sound is bad so that's pointls. I was also using my dads old one which had good speakers but it gave up the ghost earlier this year + took up a lot of space.

    Album art was basically killed with the death of vinyl. Love that it's having a resurgence of sorts.
  15. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I only have three albums on vinyl as I've only just started purchasing them - both of Santigold's and Kelis's "Tasty". Right now, the only albums I can see myself buying would be Madonna's "American Life", Amy's "Back to Black", Janet's "janet.", and "Broke with Expensive Taste" if it pops up soon. Nothing else has really enticed me, and I think I'm only going to pursue vinyl when it comes to records that I dearly hold close to my heart.
  16. The thing with vinyl albums is they look so damn pretty, and it's always tempting until you see the price tag....I'd love to have bought the Pink Floyd's Endless River on vinyl, for instance, but 28.99 when the very nicely-designed CD is 20 quid cheaper? You must be joking.
  17. Being one of the older PJers, this is second time around with vinyl for me. I sold virtually every last piece of my original vinyl collection in the mid nineties and decided to restart buying it about seven or eight years ago. I won't say how many I've bought since then, but I've been very fortunate to be in the right place at the right time on several occasions (Beano's closing down sale, my friend having forty odd thousand 7"'s dumped on him and having first dibs for fifty pee a unit spring to mind) and have amassed a fairly fearsome collection. I am very old school in my collecting though. If I really like something, I will endeavour to track down every single last pressing and variant of it which really baffles some people.

    I am probably going to post photos soon... you have been warned!
  18. I do also have a copy of True Blue on LP, just because I always wanted that glorious cover in full size, and it has a foldout poster included.

    There's a part of me that wants to get the cassette and original CD too, just because. (Obviously I already have the remastered CD - very first Madonna item I ever bought!)
  19. I think the last 'poppy' album I decided to get on a vinyl record was The Fame Monster picture disc. Which is really pretty and great but it sounds terrible on vinyl and I can't actually listen to it or the imagery will get damaged, and that was the moment I realized I don't have enough money to justify buying vinyl records that are only going to be decorations.
  20. BML


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