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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. You’re probably right, just think 1000 is quite a big difference. It’s done the usual initial sell out, so hoping it’ll be back tomorrow at some point to place an order.
  2. So gorgeous looking, but I haven't even listened to the main album let alone the b-sides. I think Carly is a one-album wonder for me?
  3. You don’t know unless you try
  4. Damn this is already gone from their website. I'm shocked it sold out that quickly (I picked up side A on a deep discount ddd), I hope there's another run.

    Also does anyone have tips for the best way to contact UO to complain about a product? I got an order today and the sleeve was busted. It looks like someone took the corner and bent it.
  5. They're probably doing the Britney tactic again.
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  6. Yeah, it’s not sold out.
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  8. It’s back in stock, the PJ shop is closed and an order has been placed. Thanks everyone!
  9. Fixed it for ya

    On another note, I snatched Goldfrapp's Silver Eye for 9.99€ on Amazon Spain yesterday. I see it's now back at 25€. I hope they honor the price, a steal!!
  10. [​IMG]

    Limited amount of signed What's Your Pleasure on Jessie's site.
    Just ordered mine.
  11. Thanks! I've just ordered this and cancelled my HMV 1921 edition.
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  12. Just done the same! Almost held out for a signed to come.
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  13. Canceled my signed cd and ordered this!
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  14. I don't think HMV charge until they dispatch which is handy!
  15. Muffy sis the Covid
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  16. Cheers!

    By the way in case any folk want a white variant one but HMV won’t deliver, I’m happy to help.
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  17. Can you cancel your hmv order if you're not registered? Just I cant seem to find a way, if you cant then I'll just keep the white variant but wouldnt mind cancelling.
  18. Hmmm.... do I email to change my order on Jessie's store for the second time or do I just slip my signed print into my HMV 1921 edition (assuming it fits)?
  19. I think you'll need to... fold it.
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