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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. Argh sold out!
  2. Wow, she didn’t lie about them being ‘limited’. Can’t wait to get my copy (and listen to the album of course).
  3. Still says it's available for pre-order for me??
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  4. Latest purchases.

    Joanne - £10
    Born This Way - £14.99
    Born in the Echoes - £8.99
    Call Me By Your Name OST - £29.99

    All from The Sound of Vinyl.

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  5. That's until you get to the payment part of the page.
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  6. nn glad i got my order in fkajgag

  7. You need a vinyl instagram hunni!
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  8. I'm on a delay with my own instagram photos let alone keeping up with a vinyl one BUT I will eventually make one, you inspired me sis.
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  9. To be honest I enjoy my vinyl insta more these days.
  10. That’s an amazing price for Born This Way
  11. I'm confused about Jessie Ware's sold out vinyl thing too. I was able to order it just a few minutes back?
  12. Oh really? It doesn’t give me the option , just says it’s sold out
  13. Clarity picture disc up for pre-order on!
    Should soon start popping up elsewhere as well.

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  14. *puke*
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  15. Yikes! I saw this post yesterday afternoon and thought you meant Friday evening so bought the CRJ vinyl! I’m so sorry, it didn’t even register that it was supposed to close Thurs evening. I understand if it was too late!
  16. I ended up closing it around noon, don’t worry. Any orders placed I should be able to help out with.

    It’s back up on UO again after being removed yesterday for anyone who wants it direct.
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  17. For releasing the best song of the decade (Runner) and the album being less good?
    I'm joking.
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